we are in the process of making judah's 2nd bday video for his impending party and celebration. so of course i had to go back and watch the 1st bday edition about 5 times. i have always been bummed that it wouldn't work right on youtube when i first posted about it last summer.

well i remembered that vimeo is cooler than youtube in things of this nature and finally got the whole shebang uploaded in one piece and with all the music intact. here it is if anyone missed out.

it's pretty long. but so was labor. at least the sounds and visuals of the video won't leave you scarred for life.


  1. Oliver and I just enjoyed the video.

    His responses:
    a) "there's Jesse!"
    b) "when is he going to be bigger?"
    c) "why didn't we get to visit him when he was born?"

    a) aw crap, watching baby videos always make my ovaries ache
    b) excellent execution of photos/video/music!
    c) why didn't we get to visit him when he was born?

  2. See and there's another reason why we have to have more kids, so the Myers can be there next time!

    After watching it again last night my thoughts were:

    A. Judah didn't look much like his present day self until he turned 1.

    B. We make a mean slideshow.

    C. His eyes were blue until almost 9 months! That makes me sad that Layla's may change.

    D. Why do we seem like gigantic lushes with all these pictures of him with beer? We probably consume an average of .5 beer per week in our home.

  3. I am a bit overwhelmed at posting a comment since I am in the company of your husband and your best bloggy friend... but what the heck....
    My thoughts were:
    1. You all just crack me up
    2. Holy cow I wish I had your pre-pregnancy abs!!!
    3. I love thinking about how much your life changed with that first one and how mine did as well! Now here you are with 2!
    Thanks for sharing...

  4. @raechel LOVE oliver up and down! i had the music and pic matchups planned before he was ever born. years 2-17 are going to be harder to match up

    @emily THANKS! i miss those abs every day. watching us before judah existed is like watching different people. how did we ever live!!!