christmas samesies

i am kind of overwhelmed with the amount of topics i have to write about/document. from baby milestones, family holidays, major life changes and deep deep thoughts, its all spinning around in my head driving me nuts. 3 months worth of life stampeding to get out of my head to be recorded for posterity, all trying to squeeze through the tiny door that is my lackluster productivity. i feel like my brain is crawling and about to explode, it's unsettling, this feeling.

ok here's what scurried out today. some more side-by-sides like the one at the bottom of this post that prove that even though he is IN LOVE jesse with and a tiny daddy clone, judah is at least half of me too. we took these pictures of judah over the holidays, and a few weeks back my mom was cleaning out some my grandpa fred's old pictures and found a few of me as a kid.

tiny carnivore gets DOWN on some of my mom's amazing lambchops. you better believe there was no sauce on that meat. no WAY would i endanger that beloved sweatshirt

and what do you know...mama liked the good stuff from an early age too. i appear to be eating a brontosaurus shank here. check out my mom's sweet permullet

speaking of my mom and questionable hair decisions. about 2 weeks after judah's first ever real haircut, he was staying with my folks and she wanted to see just how much she could get away with when giving him a lollipop as distraction. she was able to q-tip his ears and wipe his boogers, both of which he is VIOLENTLY opposed to normally, without him complaining a bit. he just sat there quietly and enjoyed that lolly. well i guess she just couldn't help herself and so she gave his bangs another trim...despite the fact that a haircare professional had done it perfectly (in our minds) 14 days prior, and that she had never touched his hair when it was samson-esque.

lena picked him up from her that weekend and brought him to me, and when he got out of the car i said, "um lena, did he get ahold of some scissors in your car?" because there was a huge chunk of hair missing from the right side and his bangs were WAY shorter all around. this was NOT funny at the time but now i can laugh about it with my mom. hell, she and my dad provide free, spoil-him-rotten, smother-him-with-love childcare about two weekends per month, so she gets a free pass on this one (after my initial nuclear blowup phonecall of course. perspective and grace did not abound just then).

my mom is hilarious and so very much like me. we just can't help ourselves when we get it in our minds to do something. it was so stinking funny because when i called her up to say, "ummm, what the what!?!?" she said, "oh, your father told me not to, he said you'd be so mad." good advice! and my personal favorite "well keight, i am a PE teacher not a hairstylist!!!" yeah, ironically, that's why we didn't send him to you in the first place.

but a jacked up haircut is a rite of passage for toddlers. they are cute enough to get away with it. so all is totally forgiven and i love my mom even more for it now because she handled my overreaction very sweetly and calmly and with a lot more grace than i had. all that is to preface another set of pics that include the haircut but are not about it.

christmas eve 2010 service at church (compare his hair here to his pic in the sidebar). check out his hand, his complexion, and his slightly agape mouth

christmas 1984. seriously, you chop off the ponytail (and antlers) and you could convince me this was judah

and i can't resist a few more.

cue circus music: dee-dee-deedle-deedle dee dee de de

helping blow out candle at his fake big brother grayson's 14th birthday party

great form

can't resist including sleepy lil cutie chunk. aunt bethie baby whispered her right on down to sleepy town


  1. Sorry you are back to work but glad you are back to blogging! I can't wait to hear what's been going on. You and Judah are totally related. Also, LOVE the pic of Judah on the tiny bicycle.

  2. That is some serious cuteness. And by the way, I still haven't put Audrey in a dress. You are doing better than me! Ha!