a new old hat

"hat" is one of judah's favorite words. whether it's a headband layla's rocking, a baseball cap jesse has on, or even a wooden dinosaur he's placed on the cat's noggin', judah loves to identify anything on a head as a hat. it's also one of the few words for which his pronunciation is dead on. you get your money's worth out of all 3 letters when judah says "HHHHAAATUH."

in classic judah form, however; he will not wear a hat himself. he constantly asks us to put hats on him just so he can snatch them off. i guess since he was a summer baby he never got used to the feel of them, and so by the time it got cold enough to necessitate them, he was old enough to think, "what the heck is that up there?" and pull them riiiiiiiight off.

even knowing him to be this way, when i spotted this pattern for a PRECIOUS lil' cap i couldn't resist. i made a navy blue one for judah in october, when he was 17 months old. i thought, maybe since it's so very cute, he'll leave this one on his head. surely he'll recognize the cuteness and respect 'dat? (the lighting and look of these pics is ALLLL over the place because i have still no clue how to use our camera)

4 months ago: SUCCESS! (check out that freaking hair, yall. oh man i love it!)

that's more like it. 3 seconds later and off it comes.

his facial response to me saying, "wait, wait, leave the hat on buddy"

so when godparents elliot and lena visited 4 months later this past sunday and judah started asking for a hat, it reminded me that the world (aka lena) had never seen his lil' man cap. so i went and fetched it hoping against hope that he'd leave it on a little longer now since he's almost 21 months now and so much more mature and cooperative.

aaaaand hat's off to you, judah

so we went outside and distracted him from the fun of yanking the hat off by asking him to feed everyone hummus. busy hands, warm and stylish head.

did i mention the hat, diaper and socks were all he was wearing? there was paint everywhere and i liked that outfit, so off everything else went. thank you GA for 70 degree februaries

look at little blonde fievel parking a hummie chip in elliots mouth. love those shaggy sideburns and the way the hats makes his ears stick way out.

perfect delivery!

make sure it's all the way in there by giving a forceful pat

this look says to me, "sure i may be a touch deranged but i'm also cute. like a possibly rabid puppy. worth the risk of petting, for sure"

oh man. classic face of a toddler who learns to smile and say cheese for the camera and the resultant face looks nothing like an actual real smile.

daddy gets in on the hors'd'oeuvres

he wanted SO badly to paint like the big boys so we let him do the back side of the crib headboard (that if you recall was supposed to be spray painted until chemical-crisis 2011 occurred...stressville!)

flippin' presh

walking the worksite

another half cute/half frightening cheeser

i love when in the middle of a conversation judah decides it's time to start identifying body parts. "nohhhhhse"

maybe when we point out eyeballs, we should keep our own eyes on the road so as not to blind folks. just a thought

the boy and his hat: the day they became one.


  1. he is so cute!! love the hat! and the "cheese" face.....mg is a pro at them too!

  2. Very cute! In the first several pictures, it looks like the paint tray is your serving platter for the hummus. That would be a lot of hummus - just paint roller it into my mouth, please!

  3. Oh my gosh! I LOVE that hat!! He is so cute!

  4. I don't know what it is specifically about that last picture, but I LOVE it! Great moment captured. Did you take that Lena?

  5. could he get any cuter? for realz.

  6. The hat----AWESOME!!! Love the one Jesse did, and the other one in the preppy outfit-CLASSIC!

  7. Freaking love those two! and bonus points for the hat!