we surrender

ugh. we reached our haircut breaking point when jesse went to pick up judah one day at school and the teachers had put a barrette in his hair to keep it out of his face. aaaaand, cue zany cuts this afternoon.

of course he immediately picked the thomas the tank for his barber chair.

life's good on the island of sodor

here's a little BEFORE action. a last gasp of him as a hippie trail guide in training

and then did you notice above who decided barbie's convertible was more to his liking for the long haul?

maybe the blonde hair was starting to sink in deeper than the follicle and affect his transportation preferences

shockingly he was amazingly calm and still during the whole thing. a lolly, some cartoon network and a malibu cruiser made him a perfect little angel. he did have a massive freak out when they tried to put the smock on him. naturally. see, he's mr. flip-his-shit-on-the-molehill-and-completely-ignore-the-mountain. at the doctor he's stone-faced during 4 shots but then loses his mind when they shine a light in his ears. i can't believe this chick had it so easy when i have sustained black eyes and fat lips just trying to swoop down and trim his bangs.

so here's the after. he looks like a 6 year old. i do miss my sweet little flower child, but hey, it's hair and will grow out again, and it's actually really cute and way more sustainable as far as, you know, vision goes.


  1. Holy cow, he's got some thick hair!!

  2. I wish you had taken a picture with the barrette in his hair!!!

  3. Just looked at your baby pool... I got in 61st place out of 80 people :-/

  4. Watched the video before, but saw his adorable haircut on Friday and loved it!!! Such a wonderful cut on such great hair!

    He came running to see me, which was awesome since I hadn't seen him in awhile. Made my day!