the best of the firsts

two things almost keep me from posting this: 1, i don't like tons of videos on blogs. 2, i sound utterly demented and deranged in this video.

but there was never any real danger of the world not being shown this, no matter how loud and stupid i might sound. this is layla's first real laughter. she's given a few little 1 second amused coo's before but never full blown. thank god for camera phones.

she isnt completely on screen all the time because i had to hold it out to the side or else she would be hypnotized by the apple logo on my phone, and so my aim wasn't the best. at 54 seconds that is her squealing, not me. and lastly, none of these are how i really laugh, in case you were thinking of not being my friend on that basis. i was reveling in layla's laughter and also hamming it up to try to get her to keep going, so they're a bit over the top.

there is one part where i say "oh my gosh, that's your voice" and i am seriously choked up. the moment passed pretty fast as i devolve back into a stupid guffaw to try to keep her going, but it was a magic one while it lasted. i think all babies sound pretty much the same when they cry or coo and that that isn't their real voice on display. something about the noises she was making here just snuck up on me out of the blue and slayed my lil' heart as the first time i was really hearing "her."


  1. okay, PRECIOUS!! And you are hilare. Seriously.

  2. You are ridiculous... but it's a totally amazing moment captured. AND SHE IS GORGEOUS. Really really pretty girl. I would like to steal her :-)

  3. Most hilarious moment: The utter disappointment in your voice when it was no longer funny. *fail*