ext. 316?

can someone get god on the line? i need to thank him for these 3. like every second of every day.

bumbo'ing it up at home with dad on my first day back to work

hahah, not a joke. well, the expression is. this is during his insanity workout and a week before he got a haircut he needed a month ago. notice he is wearing a headband.

post-bath kisses (and a baby that is already too long for the bouncer)

super x2

he LOVES when i take these. (also, that pillow is a rogue guest pillow that i took to the hospital and gave birth on. it has worked its way into the lineup despite clashing fantastically)

helping mommy cook always dries the post-nap tears

i'll take her! all day long, baby.

art fail.

favorite candid ever taken of him? probs.

hi little jesse clone, will you be mine?

trying to take her 3 month bday pic. guess who doesn't like the attention off of himself?


  1. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. there is just no other word to describe it. well maybe ADORABLE.

  2. Layla is so cute! And about the sleeping picture of Jesse...I always try to take those of Buck, but he hears the "beep beep" of the camera focusing, and he wakes up and swats it away.

  3. Pictures are awesome, and so love and than God for your blessings too (and you.) The head shot of Lay Lay is amazing...what a beauty she is. And love the Judah in the cape video...so adorable. Your comments about Layla's laughing were priceless and so was 'being there' for it. Reminds me of the line I love so much in Avatar: "I SEE you."

  4. I see you rocking the crock pot!!!