it's all coming together

layla's nursery has been given the productivity fast track here in dukesland (i am the duchess of dukesland, btw). we've been going full throttle since monday evening when the first of our supplies made it home. behold some of the sites of our progress:

i can't crochet like the inspiration mommy did, but these are more my style anyway and less hacky sack. love the texture of them and imagining how they'll grab lay's eyes and hopefully not plummet onto her sleeping head.

mabye my favorite part of the nursery. bargain hunting for lots of etsy treasures to make layla's room totally unique and handmade, just like her (well, she's not technically hand-made)

jesse's on solo paint detail since i tackled judah's nursery all by my pregnant self 2 years ago while he was out of town. he does a way better job than me anyhow, you know, using tape and stuff.

since we can't afford the $600 gray oeuf crib in the inspiration room, we'll just krylon the hell out of judah's crib.

je deteste the sea urchin drywall finish on our ceilings. j'adore my husband doing a killer paint job

omg, yall, i am so artsy

eek! love these already. nesting flowers ready to burst into bloom on miss missy's walls

oops. this isn't technically part of the project, but it is the fuel for it. some anonymous church angel gave us this beast plus an amazing meatloaf castle surrounded by a moat of mashed potatoes on sunday. a serving size is 1/21st of the entire thing and each serving is 8 weight watchers points. worth it!

can you feel the anticipation?!?! i can...unless it's just engorgement.


  1. looking great! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Okay, the nesting flowers - WHERE?! HOW?!? WHO??! I gotta know! They're great!

  3. flowers: they aren't actually meant to be nested on the walls, but this is how they were packaged and i LOVED it. they're meant to go up individually (the inspiration room had them that way), but you could totally hot glue them together and mount as bigger nesties. BB&B for $20 for 25 flowers...and dont forget your 20% off on item coupon. now youve made me consider putting them up in varying degrees of nesticity.

  4. OMG. i can't wait!!!! looking good already!
    and we have the same ceilings. what the heck is wrong with plain ol' flat ceilings, i ask you? it's either cottage cheese or sea urchins. i don't get it??!!!

  5. so wonderful. i can not wait to see the finished product.

  6. You people don't mess around! That is some serious determination and I can't wait to see it finished! I'm so glad you are back at work blogging away, you and your adorable family were missed!