a must.

would this not be perfect for layla's nursery?

LOVE this etsy shop, but we are doing this room on a dime and i am pretty sure i could maybe make something pretty similar to this myself. i HAVE to try. those little hipster birds need to come live at my house. i give them all the credit for the idea. i could never come up with these things. i am resigned to be "inspired" (re: rip off ideas).

i am all-consumed by the nursery project. the organization of that space and the new sewing area has begun a scorched earth campaign of de-clutter throughout the entire house. i am reorganizing my closet as well now since i put the dresser from the old craft room inside our non-walk-in closet for a better use of vertical space (previous use was for hanging up dresses that just remind me how much i no longer fit into them). however, i can't ever seem to finish the closets and clothes-sorting because layla sleeps in our room i dont want to wake her with all of my hauling and tossing. and also all the huffing about how much my old clothes seem to have "shrunk."

so i want to move her out ASAP. however another stalemate arises. i am finally losing the mom-of-a-newborn adrenaline that gets you through those first months of round the clock feedings and i am getting seriously exhausted from having her in our room all the time. so i am ready and wanting to start her sleeping through the night. i just can't do this anymore with being back at work and never seeming to be able to recover, and she is physically very capable of going 8 hours without a meal. but i can't get more sleep until she has her room. but i never want to stay up after getting home from work and putting them to bed because i am so tired from her middle of the night wake up calls. i'm trapped in an m.c. eshcer drawing.

those little birdies could all come together to lift me out of this exhaustion if they worked together as a flock...


  1. (First: I found your blog through Debra Joy's.)

    Second: You could totally make that pillow! Some felt and embroidery floss, and you're good to go. (Or, for slightly less sewing/time, you could freezer paper stencil the birds, and embroider the little details and such afterwards.)

  2. I love your creativity, as always. I'm sure your birds will be awesome. And I hope you enjoy regretsy as much as I do. http://www.regretsy.com/

  3. one word... rice

    Give her a tbsp of rice when you put her down at night and I garontee she'll sleep for ya. You prob. already know that... but so did I after Avery and I forgot. So glad I remembered!

    PS just went to the Dr today and my little peanut has to get one of those sad little helmets! He has a flat head :(

    PPS you can totally make that pillow. Just don't ask me to help you cut all those little birds out of felt

  4. Love the pillow and I know you can do it!