bump a lump

continuing on the long list of things i am really happy about (rainbows!) is a tiny baby update. we had our 11 week appointment this week and i conned my awesome doc into giving us another ultrasound cause that first, intimate, one at 7 weeks is just blobtastic and not very touching (besides, you know, vaginally) and because jesse wasn't even there and didn't get to see the heartbeat or blob.

holy what a difference 4 weeks makes. little thing is laid back with arms behind head just chilling in the crook of my uterus. "wish you were here!"

mr./miss little bit was in there going to town on the recumbent bike. this picture actually sucks; there was so much arm and leg and head and face and nose clarity on the screen before the printout. it was breathtaking and totally looked like a baby (not a seamonkey/tampon as pictured above). i only had the 8 week and then 16/20 week ultrasound with judah so i had only ever seen tiny amoeba and huge taking-up-the-entire-uterus babies. this was so amazing to see tiny ping pong sized yet seriously human looking baby twirling around in there (probably trying to work off the krystal and mcdonalds i have been shoving at it).

one HILARIOUS and tragic thing happened at the appointment. our doctor (kind of spacey but 100% beloved) was asking me how i was feeling while she was looking at my chart on the computer in the room. i said, "well i feel like total crap" and she responded with, "are you sure you want to continue?" i was like, "ummm, yeah i think i'll, you know, hang in there and not throw in the towel yet...and what the hell kind of place is THIS that that gets offered at the first complaint!?!?!" then we all realized she was just reading aloud an error message that had popped up on the screen. shwew.

i call this one "an ode to having captain d's for lunch for 5 DAYS IN A ROW, you fatass"
apparently publix hates women in their 10th and 11th weeks of pregnancy because they don't sell kumquats or figs. so i read about the actual dimensions of baby and decided this strawberry is a good approximation. can you farking believe that human shaped thing in the ultrasound flailing around all baby-like is only as big as a strawberry!?!?!? what a world, people.
p.s. is it just because it's friday? because the turnout on the easiest giveaway ever is pretty sad. i am having a self-esteem crafting-shame moment.


  1. It is amazing at the human creature that God created. It's amazing that WE us MOMs can "house" such an important "thing". I remember having to lay in the bed (twice) to get both my beauties here. My mom once said, you haven't complained one time--I quickly replied, I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. I'm taking care of my baby. Even though..the first trimester was spent "puking my guts out" and then 2nd and 3rd was spent on total bed rest and on meds that cause you're heartbeat to be 110 (yes, at total rest). It's what we do! Nothing better than being a MOM! To know we did this...Thank you God. YOU did it girl! Look at that handsome little guy. And now, you're doing it again. Hang in there. It's not always pretty! This is the hardest times that you and Jesse will go through. But, it will fly by. Love ya! Call me if you need anything...I'm here/hear!

  2. omg. your story about the doctor made me lol...i love you girl!

  3. seriously so glad that baby is doing well and growing in there. and seriously hoping that pictures of my sweet sweet daughters will lessen your fears of the female variety of baby. just in case, you know.

  4. Sorry about the slow giveaway thing... My bad, Thursday was my last day of work. And it's very hard to keep up with blogs now that I don't have a reason to procrastinate my work.