i'm sick and they're cute

so you get pictures. instead of a real post...again.

yup that's one of those baby leashes that are disguised as backpacks to avoid people judging us. we aren't ashamed. it's adorable and will keep him from running into traffic. he doesn't even fit into it yet but we were trying to give him a stabilizer harness to get his walking confidence down. it didn't work...but he has taken some quasi-steps since then anyway. from left to right: turtle, human, monkey, cat.

sorry for the food in the mouth, but this is damn cute.

sneaky mcnakester

be still. be still MY HEART. (that's a song i just wrote).


  1. those pictures are too cute, but I especially love the last one. I hope you get to feeling better soooon, morning sickness is a b*&^*!

  2. Yes, Morning Sickness is HORRID. I craved chocolate milk for the first six months and always had the opportunity to taste it twice.

    I bet you hate me right now for writing that...

    Don't be ashamed of the leash. I have it on my list to purchase for Emma next time I venture into Wal-Mart because one of my friends has one for her son, and I have to admit that it's convenient AND cute!