how dedicated?

in a not remotely startling turn of events, i got nothing, y'all. this time it's not (just) because of the pregnancy sickness. jesse and i are in the epic kind of marital fight where i would rather rip my own ears off than talk for one more effing second about feelings and conflict resolution and communication and whatever the hell it is we are even arguing about. we are both at frustration level defcon 5 red and just need it to be over before i pile drive my own head into the crawlspace.

so i'll continue the april blog mediocrity with some more "here's what we did" nonsense.

this one's actually cool. we did judah's baby dedication at church on sunday. this is not infant baptism. this is where we stand up and make a commitment to be his primary faith-trainers. the church commits to walk with us in this and pray for us as we go, but it's me and jesse saying, okay, it's on us. it was extra cool because we had 4 out of five of judah's sets of parents (regular, grand and god) on hand. lukas and danielle get a bye because they are working at jesus' corporate office (the mission field) in chile and we know they pray for him all the time and are all about committing to support us in raising him to be like jesus.

hopefully judah hasn't been listening the last few days during our little hateapalooza because, damn we are so dropping the ball on that whole baby dedication thing right out of the gate. see, the whole catch to being his "primary faith-trainers" pretty much means. not teaching him bible stories or telling him about faith, but modeling jesus' love for him EVERY DAY by acting like jesus. it's an immersion program. crappppppp. can't i just tell him about jonah and the whale and be a bitch instead!?!?!
also we bought him a really cute suit for the occasion. thank god easter was before this because, hello clearance.

ten bucks says lena would detag this and regrets not standing at an angle. but its 100% presh and i'll never give it up. judah ADORES these two.

the elusive grandvincents caught on film (and in public with people!)

granddukes after a massive all-parental meal at longhorn. nothing says "i'm dedicated to my baby" like salmon and flo's filet

pre-dedication. judah's mouth was full of goldfish the entire time. my wan level is at all time highs because this was right before the death flu took complete hold on me. oh, and because i am paler than Powder (without the magnetic powers)

happy times ahead, i'm just so sure of it. please don't give up on me for turning into a raging harpy of complaints and rainclouds....i promise i love my life and my son and my fetus and my pets and my job and my natural gas provider and the crystal springs delivery guy at work, and okay fine, i guess my freaking ass husband too. i will adjust my butt to shoot shiny gamma rainbows first thing tomorrow.

p.s. the housing credit ends tomorrow and those momo fofo's who supposedly liked the house never came back. here's hoping they just don't care about the $8000 and will still buy it.


  1. thats right. I would have detagged within seconds. I know people are looking at that picture thinking I've gained serious weight since I've been married...and maybe i have but not 30 lbs. anyways happy dedication judah...love you.

  2. Girl, I am so sorry y'all are going through a rough patch! Trust me, we know how you feel. Ours has been going for about 4 months now!
    We'll be praying for all of the hellaciousness AND for the elusive buyers to come back!!

  3. your parents look the same as they did 20 years ago!! we are planning our guy's dedication right now and I am debating between late august and september, but am going to wait and see what his skin tone is before I pick so that I can plan his wardrobe around the season (summer vs fall)

  4. So I know you probably hear this all the time, but your little boy is the cutest! That suit he has on is the stinkin' cutest thing I've ever seen! How precious! What a sweet family! :)

  5. Sorry to hear that life is treating you poorly. Hope things start to change for the better.
    And I guess I can't buy you a drink since you are with child.
    But I did manage to get around to answering one of your questions on my blog- so see, things are already looking up!
    And the whole fighting thing, my only advice is just forget about it all because nothing is as important as you two being happy.