giveaway 70

yikes oh smikes i am so behind on the giveaways. there are still 4 more that i owe y'all after this one. let's see how caught up i can get in this next week.

this one is a celebration of the fact that i have sewn nothing in about 6 weeks. thank god i am not a frontier mama and my gestating babe's wardrobe doesn't rely on how much i can weave, knit and sew before he/she arrives.

now, there isn't much selection, but how about you can have anything you want in my etsy shop. ha. sorry if you're not into jewelry rolls or yoga, that's all i got going on right now.

to enter:

-leave a comment with which item you'd want. and maybe why you think my marriage is going to last after all. one entry per person.

-one bonus entry if you become a follower (leave a SEPARATE comment saying you are now a homie of judah)

i'll randomly pick a comment as the winner on tuesday afternnoon. straight up.


  1. ooohh. I'd love that yoga bag, I just signed up for yoga classes yesterday, so it would be perfect :-)

  2. I would LOVE the "Travel Jewelry Roll Clutch Bag Brown and White". It's so cute and would be perfect for all my insane amount of travelling this summer.

    Also, your marriage is going to survive because you all have such an amazing foundation and are ridiculously perfect for each other. I don't know you that well Keight, but just from reading this blog I know you are so perfect for Jesse.

    Love you guys!

  3. I'd love the blue jewelry roll with gray ribbon :)

    And, your marriage is going to last because you're not a quitter... even when Mrs. Williams cut you from choir tryouts in the 4th grade, you went back in 5th grade and showed her that you can, in fact, carry a tune

  4. well I have both things. I don't want you to feel like I'm a bad blogger and don't want your crafts...I just have those things. If I win randomly will you make me something totally new? or a lunchbox? that would be Grrrrrrrrrrrrreeeaaaat!

  5. I want the brown and white jewelry roll! I need, need, need it for travels this summer (I hope).

    And I think your marriage will survive because you're too stubborn to throw in the towel just yet! Not that being stubborn is a bad thing. I'm beyond stubborn and completely hard-headed, too. Ha!

  6. Of course your marriage will last -- if only because Jesse's the one who makes craptastic pork chops. That might be the only reason....

    And I dig the Travel Jewelry Roll Clutch Bag Brown and White. Peace.

  7. i would love to have that yoga bag! I have a new yoga mat but no bag to put it in...this giveaway is perfect haha


  8. umm, I already won the best jewelry roll you ever did make, and I don't do yoga. but I like to win. if you would throw in a lunch bag I seem to remember reading about somewhere, consider me entered! or consider me entered anyways and i'll give the prize as a gift. but only to someone awesome and worthy.

  9. I'd like the yoga bag and I'll send it over to Kristen... don't know her, but she commented first and she is actually starting yoga.

    Your marriage will last because of blog support, duh!

  10. Hi! I would like the blue jewelry roll.

    I've been thinking about my answer to the marriage question, and it comes down to a promise and hard work. You and Jesse made a promise, and (with God's help) I know you can keep it.

  11. i know...i've been a comment slacker, sorry! i would love to have anything your precious hands made! you know that i REALLY want the jewelery roll! but WAY more than that i want you & jess to be together, forever. my main reason is so that SATAN does NOT get the victory! in my personal opinion, he's already got way too much! i was cranky the other day & your words were in my head, "what is it that i really want? not arguing, but to spend more time with my hubby!" thank you for your continuous honesty. next time you need a sitter, i'll hop on a plane to atl! love you much much much! hang in there... let jesus get the victory!

  12. Oh I sooooooo want a jewelry roll!!! And I don't know much about marriage but I do feel like you and Jesse truly love each other and you are pretty much superwoman so I know you can make it through this rough patch!! Now pick meeee! :)

  13. So, YO!!!!! I'm a new follower of the totally rad and super fad JUDAH!!! And, that is why I should be the great recipient of the BROWN AND BLUE JEWELRY ROLL!!!! We are headed to the beach VERY soon and it would SOOO come in handy! Plus, I think I need a parting prize because due to the oil slick, we had to change our reservations...which cost us $185.00!!!!!! So, I could be the winner of this jewelry roll and we could THEN say that I paid $185.00 for it, ya know?!?!?! haha!

    And, YES MA'AM your marriage is GONNA work.... If for nothing else, because you are the COOLEST and BEST blogger EVER!!! And, why would the hubby EVER let that go????