SCROD! yesterday i worked from home and kept judah so he could get some one-on-one attention after our sunday night trip to the ER (drama!). because this combination made me want to scoop out my ovaries with a grapefruit spoon (serrated edges) for fear of ever having to be trapped at home with more than one crazed child, i just didn't find the time to blog.
as such, i was very excited to get back on my game today and had a bevy of posts ready to choose from, including: the trip to the ER(drama!), frugal february, building our new house, a new sewing project courtesy of mariah, and several others. however, i now realize that i don't have my camera and can't post anything new. so in the interest of avoiding outrage for missing 2 days in a row of blogging, you'll have to settle for a bit of housekeeping and some random pictures. suck it. hopefully this strategy works out better for me now that it did for neville chamberlain with nazi germany at munich.
first: to the "anonymous" poster who keeps asking about the new blog layout (hi cornpup!), the answer is: i don't freaking know comma pout. around christmas time i had all but given up since the chick who i won it from hadn't returned my emails in months. then she wrote me back and said she would get on it when her computer was fixed. so i went to check in on HER blog today and she has it set to private, thereby blocking me out. sooooooo. i don't know. to her credit, she has a 5 month old and is 3 months pregnant with her second and is a military wife, so if i ever hear from her again it will be a miracle. don't expect anything snazzy anytime soon.
#2: the kiessahauer CD giveaway will end this thursday. remember, you can enter once a day to increase your chances.

#3: i am thinking of starting a once- or twice-a-month craft giveaway. this way i will stay motivated on my sewing stuff and be able to pay yall back for enduring my diatribes. any requests on the first crafties up for giving (keeping in mind i can do about 3 things so far)?

#4: a slew of old pictures on my laptop that never made it to the interwebs:

favorite activity these days: pulling up to, playing on, and cruising around the coffee table (ikea. LACK. brown-black. $40)

getting busy with a future girlfriend. the gorgeous, 10 month old gabrielle huggins (daughter of my friend since 1st grade, martin, and his awesome wife, katie). yes she is really that much taller than him. her dad is about 6'5 and mom is around 5'10. judah and gabby played many a rec volleyball game together as fetuses when the dukes' and huggins' took kedron league by storm in the fall of 2008. that's why they're so durable ex-utero.

just a little unassisted standing (ok, maybe he's leaning back on the edge of the coffee table a tiny bit, but still!)

8 months old gets a thumbs up from judah! "very nice!" (yes that sheet and blanket he's laying on are urine-soaked. the picture had to be taken and i had to get to work...there was no time!)

just in case you were thinking budweiser was the king of beers, think again. judah is the king of beers. seen here on his throne somewhere between gatlinburg and atlanta


  1. thanks for the post! you are just the greatest!

  2. I can't wait to read all about everything that has been happening!! And YES please (to the craft giveaway)!! Molly Grace told me she would very much enjoy winning her own little stuffed puppy that was made by the one and only Keight!

  3. Hey girl! I think you should make either one of those trashbags, or that tote thing like you said you messed up that you keep your sewing books in now. I have TONS of fabric for you at my house from my mom...so let's arrange a meet up soon!

  4. Thanks for posting! I was really missing you! Craft giveaway would be AWESOME!