it's over, folks.

and the winner (as chosen by random.org) is:

Mrs. Shawn Darling!
yay! congratulations.
fun facts: shawn and i have a lot in common. we both went to woodward as kids of administrators and we both played volleyball there (never together though, she is 4 grades younger than me) and then in college, both in the ACC and we were/are both expecting boys on 6/1. same due date, same gender!

i was so nervous when i went to random.org to pick the winner. i was secretly hoping the "random" number they would pick was, "everybody wins!" but i'm not sure kiesshauer would be on board with that plan.
anyway, shawn, please email me your addie at keight8 (at) gmail (dot) com and i'll send her on out to you! and since you won and also happen to have a blog, i expect a review!
thanks for playing, everyone, that was fun and surprisingly intense for me. i think i'll be doing some more very soon!