snow wonder i love you

alrighty, earthlings, i have to get these pictures out of my unposted folder before the summer solstace. you will not even believe the effort it required to get all these pictures on here. i have no idea why blogger made it so very difficult to upload them...comb the HTML code, perhaps the location of jimmy hoffa's body or the real story of the roanoke colony are of in there somewhere and big brother didn't want it published. either way, here's our family having boring pictorial fun in the snow of last weekend.

right when it started in our front yard. normally i would not post such an abomination of a photo of me, but the bug just looks so elven that i couldn't resist

before daddy got home we mainly watched from indoors (look how fast his left hand was banging on the glass. baby blur!)
. both cats take turns demonstrating key dodgeball fundamentals in avoiding judah's grasp: scout dodges

danger dips

scout ducks (i find that pulling even her ear away is just insulting!)

"can you believe what's happening out there!?!?" (not even noticing that a cat has walked right into his lair!)

soooooo cute with his pal danger (too bad his eyes were half closed)

"....hey, ma, when can we go out and play?"
because i love a good before and after: last year's snowfall at our house: 26 weeks pregnant...

11 months later: same spot, same jacket, different jeans, and an 8.5 month old judah has since been reflected over my U-axis. there is no explanation for my stupid face here.

and, looks like we are not a fan after all. we attempted to drag him around on a cookie sheet clipped to a dog leash but that failed miserably (rope and laundry basket next time, duh! thanks HHH)
we went over to the dukes' place on saturday to play with uncle jake and aunt jackie and judah's cousins who are staying there while the grandukes are in the bahamas (hey, jealousy).

shiver my cuteness in the alaskan outback
we built a colossal snowman: here judah stands in for the snowman's third...er, ball, making him about 6 feet tall (daddy is hiding behind)
and then on the tippy top with daddy and uncle jake there for support
after sophie's insistence that we "knock him down!" we made a tiny stunt-snowman that she was allowed to raze. here she is on her adorable approach vector of destruction

chest compressions won't bring him back now, sweetie.
jake tried to pelt a huge snowball at the snowman and accidentally grazed sophie. here she is exacting revenge
our eclectically attired snowfriend (darts are his mouth and 3D avatar specs are his shades). as was often the case during their childhood, jesse's a lover, jake's a fighter.


  1. Clevah title...har har...cool snowman, for reals, though! And adorable Judah, as freakin' always!

  2. love seeing those cousins together. jealous. and judah on top of the snowman is fave.

  3. "Cookie sheet clipped to a dog leash!" what?! That is THE silliest thing I have EVER heard! The folks up here think we're crazy cause we've never been "sledding" and I ask them if a laundry basket or trash can lid down a hill counts!?! But oh my! A cookie sheet! I just can't stop giggling! Please say you have a picture of that? Y'all are hilarious!

  4. Wow--it's good to be back in town so I can catch up on favorite (only) blog! Loved the relative warmth of the Bahamas, but really missed being with you all at home. I really wanted to see my grandchildren playing in their first big snow...I'm going to have to talk to the creator about the schedule -- what's up with that! The snowman really was 6 feet--awesome...great memories for you all! I've loved reading the last two weeks, and you still crack me up, and make me shake my head as you always have--I love experiencing the real you here!

    Since my computer is back to doing the one post only thing, all my comments are together. LOVE the monthly recipes and coupon-ing...I did it, but never to this extreme (no time away from children to actually cut that many coupons!) I am so impressed,and can't wait to try some of your recipes. They sound so awesome, especially the super bowl food. Did your mom make the olive extravaganza dip--if so, kiss what ever butt you need to, and get that recipe!!! I'm salivating just thinking of it. I'm copying the calendar--what a great way to plan ahead.

    Of course I loved Jesse's posts on labor and being a DAD. My favorite picture is of 'team Dukes' -- you guys look SO darn CUTE...impossible that you were in labor and looking that good! The love and care that Jes wrote about, and the information he learned about childbirth was truly inspiring. Most dads are just not into that many details. Way to go, son...that had to be an extreme comfort to K8. And if you can comfort a woman in labor, you've done something! The Dad post made me laugh and shake my head in wonder at the same time. It's truly awe inspiring to read your grown son's thoughts on a day like that. I know you guys will feel the same way one day--it's amazing, and so incredibly gratifying for all the days we put in like that, and didn't write them down.

    I'm also crazy about Frugal February and hope you're going to give us the stats (or % of savings) when it's over--fantastic idea. All of our months were that way for several years (by necessity), so I love you for CHOOSING the experience--it's great that you guys are saving for what you really want rather than the immediate fancy-CONGRATULATIONS!

    Am excited to about your amazing weight loss, especially since it's such an encouragement to me. B and I are in a competition currently, so check with me in a week or so to see who's winning!

    Impressed with the new blog look--you continue to amaze me, and the bids are phenomenal...I kept on thinking how handy those blankets were going to come in as I was reading. What a perfect solution! That should go in "Hints from Heloise" or some such place.

    I'm so looking forward to seeing Judah. The pictures are adorable. I hope he doesn't start walking before the weekend--he's grown so much in two weeks!!!!!

    OK, it's getting late, and I'm almost finished with Jane Austin's 'Emma', so I've got to go read. You would LOVE this novel about a very strong headed Victorian English woman who knows exactly what she thinks! Love you--great blogging!