well, that worked

ok. i am flipping my shizz over the amount of turnout we have for the jewelry roll so far! two important things to know:
1. if you became a follower to get an entry, awesome, i am so flipping happy to have you here and that you are heretofore contractually obligated to give me a kidney should the need ever arise...i mean, no. that's definitely not what the "follow"button is for. but you do need to make sure to leave a comment after you have successfully become a follower (you'll see your little avatar or stock pic under the "followers/judah's homies" heading. you should also see your user name when you put your mouse over the picture) because that is how the winner will be picked; the comments are numbered and then a random number generated and the author of that # comment wins. i noticed a few of our newest followers (again, welcome. seriously) didn't seem to leave a comment yet. please do this so that you get your chance!
2. that said, once again some folks are having issues leaving a comment and it's making their blood pressure rise at staggering rates. if this is you, please email me each of the comments you would have left at keight8 (at) gmail (dot) com and i will post for you.
holy frig-balls, this is intimidating! i hope the actual product doesn't disappoint. but don't worry, even if it does i will censor the recipient so that no one else will ever know. mwuahahah, puppetmastah!