the hits just keep on coming

poor, sweet husbo.
here's the latest on the great kidney stone epic:
yesterday jesse went to our primary care doctor (as a first time patient) to get a referral to see a urologist about the 2 kidney stones that the urgent care place found in his CT scan (one in each kidney). when jesse described everything that was going on, his doctor said, "well i don't doubt you have kidney stones, but i don't think that is what is causing the pain on your left abdomen that you are describing. so i think you have something else going on in addition to the stone the scan found."
so. no referral. no urologist. no answers. more questions. he ordered blood work for jesse and had the CT scan sent over for him to review. he called this morning and it turns out jesse does in fact have 2 stones...in EACH kidney! they aren't big enough to need blasting, so he will pass then whenever they are ready.
to figure out what jesse's pain is all about the doctor ordered a chest x-ray. that's where loverboy is right now. but the twist is that on the way to get his x-ray he started feeling the telltale pain of a stone being passed. fun fun and perfect timing. when he was 18 he passed a stone and it was positively debilitating and required going to the ER for morphine. so this could be a very fun filled weekend of narcotics. and probably no more answers since the doctor's office closes at noon so it's doubtful they will be able to review the chest x-ray before then.
thank jesus it's the weekend and judah is spending the night with his gran-gram (jesse's mom) tonight AND my parents are coming down sunday to watch him. this will allow jesse to labor in peace and me to be at the hospital with him if we need to.

this is jesse not passing a stone, but dancing to usher's "yeah" in 2006. i am guessing the expression is similar, however.

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  1. I hope Jesse is alright and you make it through the weekend.