dos mas

i continue on my merry way of 101 one-yard wonders. it's funny because i was thisclose to returning that book right after i bought it, but i'm SEW glad i didn't (rimshot!). here are two more projects i wrapped up this week:
ok this one is kind of blah. it's a purse and it's only cool because i got the fabric for super cheap because they were shower curtains on clearance at target. it would be great for a younger chick (like HS or MS) or for someone who likes me more than fashion. it honestly looks a little american eagle circa 2004. there's nothing wrong with it, it's just lacking solid structure. it would also make an easy little beach tote, a mon avis.
i thought that grid pattern was smaller and would repeat more on the bag. alas.

the inside is lined in khaki giving it a very "reese's peanut butter cup" feel. and there is an interior pocket.

it was pretty cool that the grid lines matched up perfectly where the 2 front pleats were placed.

now this next one i am so pumped about. my favorite co-worker just joined a gym and started taking different classes. she is loving yoga. so to encourage her, i made her this:

it's a yoga mat bag! notice the product styling by me, with the cell phone in pocket and the flops laid out below. tres yoga studio.

i LOVE this fabric...i was actually hesitant to give it away because i'm so in love with it. however, i do not YOG, and although it did quite well holding a bath towel in the pictures, i feel that it would get more use, if less love, in another home.

it has an adjustable strap for carrying and an elastic top to keep the mat in if she needs to do cartwheels to limber up on the way to class.

she's so cute. enjoy, jeri!


  1. you can read my facebook status to see how i feel about this post.

  2. I want one of your yoga mat bags! Great work, it looks awesome. I would have been proud to take that to my pilates classes at Gold's :)

  3. Nice work! It is a fun book.

  4. Great work! I found your blog through facebook, and I love One Yard Wonders! I've made both of these things too -
    Yoga bag - http://makingfoodandotherstuff.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/i-missed-my-sewing-machine/
    Handbag - http://makingfoodandotherstuff.wordpress.com/2010/01/22/running-out-of-room/

    Have you made anything else? i made the potholders, the kids apron, the lunch bag, and the wine bottle holder.

  5. Loved both the items...too bad I won't see you before Tues am, or I'd grab the bag for books to go to the Bahamas!!!