getting fixed v7.0

this lil' cardboard nugget of wonder plopped down on my doorstep last week. my first fix of 2013.

 my first fix under the minty fresh new logo. may what is inside be as pretty. amen.

if you have no idea what i am talking about, here's the lowdown on the quickety quick from Stitchfix themselves.

so when i opened my box for the ever-so-exciting first glimpse, here is what i spied:

my little eye spies color, stripes, geometrics, knits and a little black label TART staring accusingly up at me ( i am offended by being so labelled, but then i realize it's just a brand name). a promising melange!

let's pull out the bounty:

it's a scarf. i cant decide if i love or hate the colors. but it's a finite scarf (aka not an infinity) and i am certifiably dumb at tying/wrapping scarves we'll see how this goes.

 pardon my blur. a knit-sweatshirty jacket. digging how stitchfix has styled it in the pics.

 a little razzle dazzle in the cardigan department. this is way beyond my cache of solids. dare i? is it on trend or dr. heathcliff huxtable?!?! only time will tell

i love a stripe and a washed-out red color. this one shows upside though i doubt my ability to rock a slouchy neckline without constantly playing with it. BOING!

a tunic top/dress. this more than satisfies the stringent boundaries yall placed on tights as pants. and it's an oh so soft knit material that is pure comfort but may cling in some tricky places. the pattern is a stripe that i'm not 100% sure that i love yet.

ok so let's get me in these puppies. you should know that i washed, dried AND flat-ironed my hair just for this business. i hadnt used my blow dryer in over a month (except to dry some paint on a ninja turtle because we had a spare donatello that needed to be a michaelangelo STAT). trying on outfit after outfit and coming up with cute ways to accessorize them with my existing closet is HARD for me. my brain doesnt work well that way (and about 80% of our wardrobe is dirty right now). add to this fun combo the fact that having a picture taken of just me would be a great way to break me if i was a captured spy because it makes me CRAY in the BRAI.

i typically try on clothes and judge them in two seconds flat; proclaiming them either, "ew, disgusting, get OFF me!" or, "huh, thats not too bad." but since my fixes are styled by someone else with me in mind, i try to really go the distance and give them a fair shot, no matter how outside my comfort zone it is with the hair/makeup/styling/acting normal.

item one!

i'm liking it way more in the pic than i thought i did in real life. it wasnt doing tons to define a shape and its interesting cut kind of accentuated my hips...which are a no no zone for me. but i love the yummy textured gray and the comfy material. 

i love the pinkish stripe but the white/cream one is almost identical to my skintone. it was also a bit shorter than i like. i had to add an extra long H&M tank under there for modesty (aka the roll protection program) since it was sheer too. bonus points for the sprinkler sticking out of my knee that didnt even sideline me!

obvi, if i'm rocking a geometric cardi, i need to play up the nerd vibe with my new glasses. i dig this one WAY more than i thought i would and enjoyed the swap-a-roo of the cardigan as the statement over a neutral top. i also dig that i havent spotted anything analogous to this any online or brick & mortar shop. that is one of my favorite things about stitchfix: finding really unique pieces that arent in every other clothing line.

first off...no i am not pregnant. that's just fluff. any pregnancies theories will make me ugly cry. so just dont.

i do really love this style of tunic since it's so comfy and casual feeling but can pull off dressy too. the colors along with the knit fabric and shape are sort of reminding me of a nightgown, though i do love the overall look, this specific one might not be my prince charming but has definitely given me a new idea/direction.

and finally, i was so sweaty and tired of clothes trying-ons at this point that i just gave up and nabbed a selfie. at my current stress level the scarf became a torus of strangulation and despair. i had a hard time arranging it since i am so dependent on the infinity these days, and i couldnt decided if the colors were spring chic or middle-aged drama teacher's prop closet.

there she is! my latest fix.

so what do yall think? should i keep anything? definite NO's?  be thou my stylist!

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  1. keep the geo cardi!!!I like the top sweater as well, but if you're not comfortable in it, than it's a no-go.

  2. the jacket: I like that material. I love a sweater jacket. It didn't look so cute on the hanger, but definitely cute on you! And I'm a sucker for gray. That would be a piece that I would have to decide whether I would actually take it out of my closet and wear it sometimes.

    the top: nah.

    the cardi: ab-so-lutely! I need that cardigan!!

    the tunic: You're right, the style is spot on. It's definitely a versatile casual/dressy piece. But it's not the one. If you could find a different color/print, it would be a keeper.

    the scarf: pass

  3. agree// keep cardi and sweatblazer

  4. First of all, the comment about Donatello and Michelangelo has me in stitches. (You see what I did there... do you?)

    Next: The jacket looks cute on you, but I feel ambivalent about it. I'd say nah.
    Love the top, but then again I am in love with stripes and fun colors and it looks soft. I like it on you so my vote is yay.
    That cardigan looks like it was made to be worn by you. Yes times a million!
    The tunic gets a pass.
    And I also think the scarf looks really cute on sweaty you. I vote yes on that, too!

  5. Scarf: meh.

    Gray jacket: cute and cozy but the odd cut makes me say no.

    Cardi: love love love. Yes!

    Striped top: looks really cute on you! I thought your tank was part of the shirt until you mentioned that it wasn't.

    Tunic: love it! Way cute and versatile. I think it looks great on you, but if you're not comfortable in it, then no.

  6. Oh.Em.GEE, the cardi! The colors and the cute fit are out of the park! Love it! I also loved the first(can I buy it?;), but you weren't feeling awesome. I loved the colors of the scarf up against your pretty face, but why torture yourself?! You are seriously a stunner. And so adorable, too.

  7. I'm joining with the masses to say CARDIGAN! You better not let me come to your house if you keep it because it might disappear from your closet. I will steal the entire outfit, actually, including your new glasses. Who cares about prescriptions? ADORABLE head to toe. The gray jacket should be cute but it just doesn't hang in a flattering way, on you or in the styling photos. Use it for inspiration for something else. (Plus don't you have that other Project Runway gray jersey jacket that is similar?) I like all the other pieces but they just didn't feel like you. That pink/red striped shirt is 50/50 for me - it would depend on the price tag. It's cute but not special enough to spend a hefty amount on. The cardigan on the other hand...must.buy. And I'm in unison with you and others: find yourself another tunic dress like that one, because the right one would be killer on you.

  8. P.S. I love your green striped shirt in the scarf photo!! What a gorgeous color.

  9. I've missed these posts
    Jacket. Nah. It's shapeless
    Striped top. Looks lovely
    Cardi. Yes. 100%
    Tunic. No but not sure why. The stripes maybe? Colour
    Scarf. It's colourful and fun and there are so many tutorials on Pinterest showing how to tie them.

    I reckon best box yet. Xx

  10. I feel weird and kind of wrong judging your clothes like this...lol here goes. I LOVE the pinkish stripe on you, but feel like you might be just as happy with a similar but longer and probably cheaper one from Old Navy or Target or somewhere. The cardigan's the best piece to keep and looks great on you! I have the same idea as you (and everyone else it seems) for the tunic dress - find one you love and that fits perfectly - they're all over the place! And with that scarf - if you like it, sew it together into an infinity scarf! I know you know how to sew =)

  11. I will steal the nerd sweater next time we hang. That is a threat.

  12. I'm loving the cardi on you!

  13. You look super cute in the cardi, but the gray jacket is fug. All the other things are okay but aren't really standouts.

  14. The gray jacket was super cute, and I think you'd get a lot of wear out of it. It will match with lots of stuff and is an easy way to punch up the trendiness of a plain shirt/jeans combo. The cardi was cute too. The striped shirt was meh--I think you can find a better one elsewhere for cheaper. The tunic was cute--you looked awesome in it! But if you aren't sure, maybe skip it. And the scarf was really cute, love the colors. You can make it into an infinity scarf by sewing or just tying the ends together.

  15. Geometric cardi = win!!!! Loving the nerdy vibe :)

  16. Love the sweater and the dress. I actually want that dress because it is in my favorite color and favorite cut. I also like the scarf but I know how it can be trying to tie those things.

  17. you are rocking that cardigan! i looooove it and may have to find one for myself! and i actually really like the stripey tunic as well...maybe a big scarf or cocoon wrap will dress it up and prevent any pregnancy theories :)