so long

miss lay-lay bay-bay must be getting plenty of protein, because girlfriend is growing teeth, nails, and hair like a boss!

the nails are the most hazardous to our health as they are sharp enough to geld a rhino and most certainly to slash up the faces of any ticklesome parents who she is trying to fend off.

but the teeth are the saddest and most painful. layla was super slow on teeth. she had 2 at 6 months and then no more for another year. now all she is missing is her incisors. the bottom ones are coming in now and this lady is not pleased (amber necklace, or no). 

 this child is normally either a ravenous beast or a sprightly chatterbox at dinner, so seeing her like this tugged at me like getting cornrows put in my heartstrings by a mountain troll.

it was so sad because all afternoon she was asking for her paci (pah-pah). in the interest of her learnignenglish we only let her have it now at bedtime and in the car though. so i kept saying, "no, baby you cant have your paci during daytime. and she was needing comfort so badly but was also being so obedient that she would just cry/wail, "ooooooookay, mommy. oooooookay."  

we let her have some tylenol and she was feeling a little better and showing off what all the pain is for:

 lil' porcelain chicklets!

and the final growth surge that the miraculous body of my tiny girl is going through is HAIR! my goodness. did this child really used to be bald for her first year?

a tumble of golden locks (i need to take her to the salon to get her roots touched up...how embarrassing!)

i really had to go back and check and see how long it had been since she was a little fuzzy baldikins, and sure enough, EXACTLY one year ago she was still firmly in the "oh she of little hair" camp:

it's craZAY how much of an impact on cuteness, oldness, and personality a head full of hair can make on a child's appearance. 

grow on, layla boo.


  1. she's an adorable little girl now. but are y'all from the future?

    1. Did did I typo somewhere?

    2. You dated that picture of Layla 1/10/13 and today is only the 9th :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. AHHHH! i see it. i was 100% convinced that yesterday was the tenth...even after yall wrote this. my own special wormhole. okay so we'll just say that this pic was a computer projection of where her hair would be on the tenth.

    5. Perfect solution! And I had to triple check the date before I said anything, because I have been living in my own wormhole and was unsure myself!

  2. Wow, I wish my hair would grow that much in a year! She is so adorable!

  3. Man this gives me hope for my little Kendy...