getting fixed v2.0

my second stitch fix was waiting at my doorstep when we got home from vacation.

i was excited to see if the items in this shipment were hitting closer to my style mark after a few bad misses from my first "fix" and then one round of giving them feedback.

this moment right here is so exciting and full of possibilities. i am the squirreliest at this point.

when i unwrapped my parcel, i could immediately tell that i was going to be more pleased than the first time.

here's what was inside (i dropped our camera last week and promptly had a heart attack. and i am thinking the autofocus is what took the beating since all of these are blurry. saddy sad sadnesses):

first up was my accessory. i was excited since last time my statement necklace of geological interest was my one keeper.

these were really nice and quite lovely, but i feel like i have seen the same look for $7 at old navy or claire's (when i take my little nieces, there, duh). so they were a no.

a silky green dress. i really loved the look of this piece right off the bat. enough of my style to keep my hopeful, but enough risks that i might not have tried it on if i passed it in the store.

it came with pockets(!) cute brass buttons in the back, and at $55 the price tag wasnt too bad for a dress (because the $20 i pay to get a fix sent is nonrefundable but goes towards any purchase).

as soon as i went to try it on, i knew it was too small. i am usually a medium in dresses because my zones of largitude are my hips and dresses usually flare out down there so my medium waist and bust are all i need to be sure are tailored correctly.

but this medium was too small in the bust and in the hips. but i went ahead and styled it like their handy picture card had recommended with items that were already in my closet:

okay, so let's pause for a second and mention that this is the most flattering picture that has ever been taken of me. hooray jesse for suffering through 17 blinking and awkward photos to capture this one. but it's not about how i look overall (which i am not ashamed to say, I LOVE!), but how the dress looks on me.

with the jacket, i loved it. but i know my glandular challenges and keeping this jacket on at any function other than an ice-carving tournament was unlikely.

so let's see it without the jacket:

okay, so without the navy jacket to play off of, i dont love the color as much. and you can TOTALLY see how the bust seaming is giving me a boob wedgie.

while i love a pocketed dress, the silky sheath on top shows the pocket fabric too much and makes it look like i have a stowaway a pair of panties up under there.

even still, i really liked this dress and was thinking the medium could work with perhaps a less padded bra? or a quick 10 lb weight loss?

and then i saw this pic:

this is when i knew for sure that this was too small. when i put my hands in the pockets, the few remaining millimeters of hip circumference are taken and it just gets too tight and scandalous up in there.

so this one wasnt a winner, but it was close. i am thinking about upping my dress size to L instead of M because these damn boutique designers dont know how to make things big to trick us into feeling little like american eagle and LOFT do.

next piece:

as soon as i saw "oversized" and "dolman" i knew i was in trouble. stacy and clinton have taught me nothing if not that oversized clothes make you look bigger. and i have danced with the dolman trend before and always ended up with, at best, a hearty LOL, and at worst, hate speech. we're just not a good match.

but i am open minded, so i put it on. i much preferred the recommended look from the tag that had it paired with a jacket over the one where it was hanging loose like a mod testicle, so i paired it with a grey blazer.

jesse clicked the shutter and then i ripped that slouchy horror off of me forever more. the things i do for you guys...honestly. i dont even remember how much this cost because even if the invoice had said -$20, i wouldnt have taken it because it made me feel sad in my heart.

so, where'd i get that grey blazer? why, it was in my fix too!

my tummy lurched when i say the $95 but i know that a great jacket is a cornerstone of a good wardrobe, and i am quite cornerstone-less at the moment; so i tried it.

i LOVED the color and the nautical striped lining detail.

but i just couldnt do $95 for a blazer made from jersey (sweatshirt material).

i was losing it at this point in the photoshoot and i may have styled this one really stupidly.

but look at my face and ask me how much i care:

for $95, this thing better cause a physical reaction in me and every male within 10 miles. so this was a no even though i think it would be spectacular with another outfit on a much wealthier lady.

and it could be because it's the middle of july, but i preferred my outfit sans blazer a million times more, actually.

see, look:

only for you guys.


this flirty navy top with gold thread accents. i loved the way they styled this look but the lack of a listed price frightened me. i decided to try it on before looking at the damage on my invoice.

i tried to copy the tucked in skirted look from the style tag for this one, and i kind of wish i had gone untucked (for photo purposes) because my skirt isnt right for this and because untucked looked much better on me. but even still, i was liking this top a LOT.

i went to the invoice and the price was a little gut-wrenching at $78 (so $58 after my previous $20 investment).

after trying it on with a few more things and factoring in some credit that i have gotten from referrals (thanks, yall!) i went for it and made it a keeper:

thank you, sir.

i promise it looks better untucked and with shorts or pants (for my body type, at least).

so that was it for my second fix. i am definitely going to get another one after my next etsy order or lottery windfall.

one thing i have discovered since last time is that stitch fix has really awesome customer service. i have had 2 questions for them since i started and their customer inquiry system is top notch. i get an email saying they received my question and then always within 24 hours i get an answer from a human that is friendly and helpful.

there are people on the other end of this service who want to help and want to make their system work for you. do they make money? yes, but thats never stopped some business from being unresponsive prickle pants. it's refreshing to find great customer service...especially for a company just getting started.

what would you have told me to keep? i was actually going to make this a guess which one i kept sort of post, but i was scared you'd all say, "the green dress! and thank god you didnt keep the navy tank because you look like a freak!" i am building my confidence brick-by-brick here , people. we'll get there eventually. together.

have yall signed up or received/bought anything from stitch fix yet? i'd love to hear more folks' take on their experience with them.

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  1. I would have bit the bullet and gotten the jacket- super cute and super versatile

    1. i know! but i cant fit that size bullet past my teeth. and this was the last thing i tried on so i was losing patience when my summer outfit with it didnt work. but it does have me on the hunt for a similar, cheaper one now.

  2. I'm wait listed! I have been for a couple weeks now, how long does it take? When do you start to feel unwanted? :)

    1. i was on there for awhile...maybe a weekish...i'm sure it's based on their order load at the time. i think some people got in almost instantly. dont feel unwanted! i want you.

  3. Love the jacket, but I am afraid I might get pummeled with soft vegetables but I like the oversize dolman in addition to the top and jacket and dress. Maybe it is just the photo and jacket?! Or maybe it is your styling hair and... Do I see makeup?! Glad you are getting some credits! I hope I have the strength to not buy it all when my fix comes!!

  4. I've read a few stitch fix blogs now and the pieces they sent you this time are my favourite, by far.
    I love the green dress but agree that it's a little too small.
    "Mod testicle" (how do you come up with theses amazing lines?) shirt - agree that it's a nay.
    Blazer - It's a strong like. I don't like how they styled it but I can see how it would work.
    Navy top - Yup! You made the right choice for sure! I love how they styled it with the skinny jeans.

    Now if only they'd ship outside the US...

  5. I just got confirmation that mine has shipped. Super stoked. Not super stoked about the prices though. And the designers they asked about? Hadn't heard of more than 1 of them (duh j.crew). I liked the green dress, and the blazer. Earrings for $30? Thats whats forever 21 is for.

  6. I am also wait listed... since whenever you posted your first post and I hopped right over and signed up! ugh I just WANT SOME FUN CLOTHES! haha even more now that you got your second one! It looks like fun even if you don't end up liking it! Just the surprise and the unknown and the possibilities! :)

  7. I got my first fix on Monday. Yikes. I went a little crazy-control-freak in the profile when you're supposed to put in "anything else" I wanted them to know. I was feeling especially self-conscious when I wrote it, so I ended up with a bunch of flowy (ie non-clingy) long-sleeved tops and $50 pair of plain-ish silver earrings. The cheapest thing was a very unflattering $48 top, and there were 2 more tops for $80 and $85 and a blazer for $98. I'm a "under $20" kind of girl--even with jeans, but I was thinking I could do something in the $30-$50 range. Too bad. :( Maybe if I actually find time to do some Etsy shop stocking/selling, I could treat myself.

    As for what you got--I love that blazer, but when I saw the last top, even before I scrolled down to see it on you, I thought, "Keeper!" It looks great on you! Very flattering neckline for sure.

  8. I signed up, but am a little scared to order my fix, becuase of the price tags. I think I might wait until we're going on vacation somewhere fun and try for a new look then! But I really like the last top, and actually like the dolman(?) top too. I think it looked really nice with the jacket, but I agree the jacket is a little pricy, and don't know what it looked like without the jacket. I had read Raechel's post about the stich fix too, but didn't sign up until after I read yours :)

  9. I like the top you ended up with--not something I'd see and think, Oho, that's it!, but you know, that's just part of this whole thing, right? And you're going to hate me, but I LURVE the dress, though I agree that it's not the right size. Can you tell them that for an item that you love but hate the fit/size of? I'm not trying to pressure you, just honestly wondering.

    $95 for a blazer is insane. I'm sure you could either whip one up your self or waltz into--I don't know--OLD NAVY and find a similar item for cheaps.

    Thanks for jumping right outside the bounds of your comfort zone and modeling these for the internet. We love you for it. Or at least I do, I can't speak for all the other dickheads out there. (Not calling these lovely ladies dickheads! Oh, geez, I'm stopping.)

  10. Love the navy tank for sure. Is it bad that I liked the green dress (in one size bigger) and for myself? haha I think you made the best choice.

  11. Just got my fix yesterday and it was exactly like Christmas. Excitement! Unwrapping! High expectations! And then I was a little bit like, wait, this is what you thought I would like?! Allrighty then! There was a cute 48 dress I am going to keep but the rest..... I had a dress that was flattering but it was a plain striped dress for 100. The quality was not $100. But it is a really fun enterprise for us moms who don't shop much and need to step out of our comfort zone!

  12. I really liked that green dress, too. Though, I agree it was too small.

  13. Loved the navy tank! And I also loved the blazer, but yes, $95 is kinda high. : ( I actually signed up and got my first "fix" last week--loved the whole process! (And I think you should've gotten a referral credit from me; since I read about it on your blog, I put your name on the form.) Not a stalker-y creeper, I promise...just a big fan of your blog!

  14. I signed up after your first post. They got back to me right away, but I waited until next week to schedule my first delivery. I can't wait to see what comes. I liked the green dress, too but agree it was too small. I might have splurged for the jacket but we all have different price points.
    The earrings were really cute too.