we are at the point where we can get pretty much any information out of judah that we need. at 3 and a half his english is practically fluent. i found myself telling a babysitter the other night, "if you are wondering about anything, just ask judah."

with the frustrating exception of anything relating to time (everything is "next week" or "last year") he can express himself with no trouble. his vocabulary is chock full and his pronunciation gets better every day.

rocking the mic

as fun is this is, it means that one by one, some of his adorable little language mistakes are falling away. so while we are here on the end cusp of toddler-hood, i want to record some of these little gems.

-oh-jinge: a citrus fruit with the same name as its color.

-duh-snuggable me: a cartoon starring minions.

-cord-a-boys: long winter pants that aren't jeans.

-little bit while: small unit of time. i.e. "mommy can i watch TV for just a little bit while?"

-i fink: i suppose; i'm of the opinion that...

-gank gu: i appreciate that.

-chicken a lay: the place where we get our nuggets and waffle fries.

-uncle donald's: the place where we get our happy meals

-ban-daddies: what you put on a boo-boo.

-hatchen down the sails, makees!: "batten down the hatches, mateys!"

-if he gets a spanking he always says, it bleeds, it bleeeeeds! meaning, "it stings"

-but how to do it?: how do i do it?

-(i tweeted this one but want it here too): everything is a simile  everything is LIKE something else.  last night i was conceding that judah's transformer toy (which jesse was in rapture over) was actually pretty cool. i said, "okay that is legit." judah replied, "yeah, mommy, it IS like a jet!"

-this is actually an extremely CORRECT turn of phrase but hearing it from a 3 year old with a chipmunk voice slays us every time: "mommy, my rocket ship is nowhere to be found!:

i want to keep  adding to this list as i remember or think of more of these little artifacts of judah's little kid-dom. 

i love all the things on this list so much that i refuse to correct him on them and even will pronounce them his way myself in an effort to not let him know the real way. 

yikes. that came out sounding way more psycho-mommy than it feels in my heart. i promise i wont follow him on his honeymoon.

are there any adorable kiddie-language treasures that you will be/were sad to see go from your kids' vernacular?


  1. My 9 year old cousin still calls cupcakes pupcakes. Her mom (and the rest of the family) thought it was so cute we didn't want her to stop so we never corrected her and used her pronunciation.

    Luckily she knows what they are really called I think she just does it to make the rest of us happy! :)

  2. My oldest (now 8) started calling chick fil a "chicalay" and now all 3 of my kids (and the parents) have called it that too. My 4 year old just recently grew out of wearing flubs (gloves) and that made me sad as well. He was too cute asking for flubs. He also used to call the nighttime and the morningtime the same thing. They were always "nightmorning" um... ok? but it was too cute. and my baby isn't a baby anymore, he's now calling them nighttime and morningtime. Thankfully his baby brother is starting to talk, can't wait to hear what silly stuff he comes up with.

  3. When my almost-9-year-old sister was little, she would reach up and say "I hold you," which meant "Please hold me" to whoever she was asking. When she was hot she had a "ten-cha-mure" (temperature) and if you scared her (one of her favorite games!) she'd explain "You scared me a heart attack!" She also went through an awesome phase where she walked aroun saying "Oh damn."

  4. My friend's kiddos, who I obviously love as my own, trademarked 'markles' (markers) and 'sicle-pops' (popsicles) at my house and it was so adorable, we encouraged their poor pronunciation and have never gone back. It's too much fun to say 'Can you please pass me the red markle?'

  5. My oldest daughter loved pol nolish (nail polish) and sat on her bodume (bottom). She still loves nougats (music) and we still pronounce everything this way when we get together with family.

  6. NEVER correct an amazing pronunciation that warms your heart instantly. This is parenting gold for those moments when, otherwise, you WOULD lose it. At least that's my policy! :) One of Annabel's last lingering toddlerisms is "plaything" instead of "playing." I love it every time because I feel like I can hang on to her being little just a bit longer. :) Also, this Christmas she was convinced that wreaths were called rafts. We had several interesting conversations about hanging rafts on the door.

  7. Along the same lines, but with a different twist, my father was sitting on the floor in my sister's bathroom with his legs around the toilet bowl when my niece walked in and exclaimed, "PAPA,YOU CAN'T GO TO THE POTTY LIKE THAT!"

  8. My 4 year old still refers to re-wind as "fast backwards".... we just can't correct that one.

  9. I was so sad when Brynlee started pronouncing "asparagus" correctly instead of saying "ti-bis". Mac pronounces all of his "g"s like "d"s and "c"s like "t"s (example: "The durl tan't dive me any tandy" -the girl can't give me any candy). He calls Evyn "baby durl" and that will forever be her nickname!

  10. Our littlest, who just turned two, calls anything pretty, "prilly"... the entire family including her two older siblings refer to any of her pretty things as prilly, usually, "that is such a prilly dress!"

  11. I don't have any kids of my own yet, but my Grandma told me that when my uncle when he was just a little boy he came up with his own word for breasts: "Belly Shoulders." hahaha.