getting fixed v8.0 (aka goal: keepers)

i might have guessed that my 8th stitch fix would turn out to be my number one stunna, just because 8 is (obviously) my totem spirit number. 

but i DIDNT guess, therefore this was even more fun because i didnt see it coming.

yall, stitch fix is ON. THEIR. GAME. i was feeling blah about them there for a while last summer, but they have done nothing but impress me since. i feel like their inventory is better AND they know me, my style, and--dare i say it?--my body (ooh la la), so much better now. they have LISTENED to my feedback and made awesome adjustments.

i feel this side-view of the stack just LOOKS like me! a great sign.

well now, let's just see what we have here:

a silky cream sleeveless blouse with some cool details (pintucking! applique!) and a long length (which i love and requested for hip-coverage) i'm thinking its a great layering basic for fun cardis and coats plus will look good by itself in summer when i get a tan mess of freckles

ah! a peachy-coral chevron top! the granny buttons make me nervous, but i am excited to get a chevron statement piece for my body since i declined putting them all over my wall. i am digging the color.

a soooooper long heathered cream and navy striped scarf. i know i will sew this one into an infinity scarf (and remove the great honking tag) if i keep it so that's why i showed it this way. love it immediately.  willing it to be worthy.

a fun dots n' stripes top with some cool sleeve and neckline action. think it's totally gonna be a winner.

a dress! flowy and soft. navy and colorblocked will coral-pink at the hem. i feel like i will really like this if i can style it right and make it not potato sack-esque

okay. into the clothes i go! didnt have time to really get gussied up and think hard about the styling of these, so it's just simple ensembles and post-workday hair/makeup this time. if the clothes can work on this, i'll know they're winners.

oh, hey, what do you know? i just so happen to have a visually interesting cardi that could use a cute underlayer that doesnt compete with it (thank you fix #7!) ! i went full bore on the triangle theme. digging this, but the hem tapers a bit and is not elastic, and it's a little tight on my hips. hopefully my hips will soon be yielding, but in the interest of clothes that fit me NOW, i asked if they had a large. they did and i got it! (free shipping on my alternate sizes). the medium is pictured.


this dress is mad comfy and i love its simple bodice/top that give lots of blanks canvas for an awesome statement necklace (which i dont have yet). i belted the blousy-elastic waist because it was feeling baggy and sacky. even still i felt it was too big. i looked at the tag and it was the one large item in my order. i asked if they had a medium and they did! double luck! it came, it fits, i love it and wore it this weekend to a great friend's wedding (hi john!)


at this point we are 2 for 2 and headed into unprecedented stitch fix territory. the most i have ever kept was 2 items out of 5.

let's all remain calm.

i tried to recreate a spin on the outfit i put together for my tide post with my boots, mint jeans, yellow necklace and navy F21 trench ($13!!!).  i really like this look and the top especially, but the medium is a little tight on the bust and tends to squash me there and/or ride up (as you can see happening above).

why, no i am NOT pressing up against an invisible pane of plexiglass. why do you ask?

VERDICT: maybe. i do know that my bust is one of the first places i lose weight from, so i sort of want to hold onto this top because it will be a gemstone as my healthy weight continues to approach. (they didnt have a large available)

i love this scarf. love it so. it's more expensive than i would normally pay for a scarf, but might be worth it if i keep everything since when you keep all 5 items you get  25% off everything (on top of the $20 credit included with every fix). strategy is becoming a factor

VERDICT: solid maybe

last is the dots n's stripes top featured in a horrible picture. i wanted to love this but it just kind fell flat on me. its a dressy fabric, but the cut and style come off casual and so it was kind of clashing for me there.

VERDICT: leaning towards no*.

okay so this post-game decision-making  required a little thinking. more accurately, it required an excel spreadsheet where i ran through the scenarios of keeping 2, 3, 4,or 5 items.  i knew that i was keeping at least the first two, wanted the scarf too, would feel great in the chevrons soon and then would maybe keep the dots/stripes just to get the discount and could sell it or give to a friend.

after running the numbers i decided to...KEEP EVERYTHING! the dots top that i wasnt in love with ended up being essentially free once it kicked in the 25% off everything discount as the 5th item. 

i am just so buzzed to have joined the keeper club (fictional...just made that up) of stitch fix! it feels awesome to have gotten 5 outstanding pieces that are pretty unique and all for less than $200 (for 3 blouses, a dress, and an awesome scarf from boutique labels, i call that a win).

i usually like to ask yall what i should keep and reveal my choices later, but i left you hanging so long last time, that i had to get it all out there this time. but what do you think? did i make the right choice? what would you have kept or had me keep?

*if youre in love with that last top and are a M, email me and we'll work something out for you to own this bad boy...otherwise, i'll probably try it again in 10 lbs in case the shape looks different, and if not i'll just ebay it

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  1. Oh OH OH! I am a medium and I love it! I was just thinking, wonder if I could request this top from them?!

  2. If you tied a belt around the last top, it would give you more shape OR throw it over the edge to ridiculous-town! Worth a shot. Cute fix!

  3. YES!!!! I agree with everything you said. You can always change the buttons on the chevron top but it's a keeper anyway. And I'd have done a bit of maths to figure out what to keep/cost too :-) You can always ebay the last one if you're not sure about it, even when you get to your healthy weight.
    Woop well done Stitch Fix!

  4. LOVE them all. I so wanted stripey-dotty to look good on me, too. And that dress, holy hottie!

  5. The chevron top looks so nice!

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  6. My name starts with M and I like that top! green and navy are my colors. Love the fix and you are looking great!

  7. Cute stuff - way to join the "keeper club!" I think your first look is my fave. Love all the triangles. Lovin' that dress too!

    I decided to give up on StitchFix (at least for now!) - just wrote a blog about how I'm happier/less poor when I shop with my first true loves (Target and Old Navy).

  8. This was an AWESOME fix! And that dress is officially your hotness go-to. Also? I got that cream tank a few weeks ago and it was a no-brainer for me too.

    And now Hazel is calling me, so cutting this tender comment short... xoxo!!!

  9. I LOVE that dress, its adorable, Perfect for bbq's or weddings.

  10. I love them all too!! Dress and Dot shirts are my FAVE! The blue looks wonderful on your complexion!