super smart

judah was coloring last week with his buzz lightyear markers (gotta love that target $1 section). he was wearing his clothes from school. i kept hearing him say, "my be shooper men!" (i be super man), so i told him that his superman pj's were dirty and we would wear them later.

the little rascal answered with his go-to phrase for when he hears something he doesnt like, "HUUUUUHH!?!?" it's so loud and rude and aggressive that it becomes hilarious and i forget to be offended and just laugh.

a few minutes later he comes in, all pleased with himself and declares, "my shooper men!" i look down and see that, since his superman shirt was indisposed, he engineered his own shirt. i was so impressed by his resourcefulness and correct choices of colors that i went and got his dirty shirt and let him put it on to match his inked sleeves.

not bad! i am impressed that he repeated the same pattern of blue hand/red forearm on both sides. we bought washable markers after this.

this kid is stealing my heart HARD CORE these days. he is so freaking funny and wild. i want to take a second and write down some of our favorite current judah-isms before he grows out of them (have we figured out how to make them stop growing yet? who is on that project? our best scientists? okay, good).

-when we drive past the pasture on our street where a few horses live, we always say, "good moooooorning horses!" (or afternoon or evening...this is a vincent family tradition from when my family lived near some horses too). well, i always say, "look judah, they are having their dinner, they are eating grass." little comedian started saying, "judah eat grass!" and so i would go, "EW gross! judah doesnt eat grass! what does judah eat?" and he would tell me. but now, we skip all the prelude and as soon as he sees the horses he just says, "judah no eat grass! judah eat chicken nuggets, judah eat waisins, judah eat fren fies, judah eat apples."

-without fail, whenever we go over a bump in the car, he says, "CHAAAAAIN CHAX!!!"so loudly. he never misses actual tracks, but sometimes a pothole is misidentified as train tracks.

-when he first sees layla after her nap or when we pick them up from school he says in THE schoompiest voice, "heeeeeeey cutie paaaaah." it is the freaking sweetest thing.

-we went to an awesome birthday party at monkey joes (which he kept calling "junky moes") last weekend. he had a BLAST climbing and jumping and sliding and being a 2 year old. but when we went in the room for pizza and cake, the monkey joe mascot came in. judah was not amused. he got all tender and stopped banishing me from sitting next to him and his friends, and ran over and hid in my chest. i LOVED it. the whole time the monkey was in there he kept saying, rather hopefully, "bai bai, monkey!" as if to dismiss him. then when the monkey finally left, he yelled, "DOHN CUHM BACK MONKEY!" over and over with a vengeance. we taught him, "dont come back" about the ants ("mean, mean guys!") who bit him this summer. all week, judah has been repeating the litany i told him that day, "dat monkey not mean, dat nice monkey, no be scared monkey." fake it til you make it, buddy!

-when he is trying to ask/tell you to do something with him he doesnt say, "mommy, will you help me?: he says, "mommy weel help me," like a fact: this will happen.

-there is one episode of curious george where they lose the last pin that they need to complete the railroad tracks in their western town. there is this whole big happy song about the western town and the sheriff and deputy and the train tracks joining, but then when they lose the pin, they change it to this slow mournful country-western tune. for some reason judah latched on to that moment of this episode (despite the fact that they find the pin and all is saved). at random moments in the day he will get all drama king and go, "hundley saaaaaad" and do his fake cry face. i even like to mess with him and sing the sad song. as soon as he hears that tune, he starts the FUNNIEST fake crying. the kid is emo...the music just moves him.

-the moment we walk in the door, judah says, "take shoes off," so i take them off and he puts them in the shoe bucket. as soon as his shoes are off it's, "take socks off," followed immediately by, "take jeans off." the kid is just like his mom and loves to be pantsless at home. the funny thing is that he demands the same thing of jesse when he comes home from work, "daddy take boots off." usually jesse complies. but then it gets hilariously tyrannical and weird when judah demands that, "daddy take pants off." jesse usually says, "no, daddy wants to wear pants." judah just wants dude time with daddy, hanging out in their underpants, being smelly boys.

-he can sing his ABC's now with perfection. when we change him at bedtime, he sees his name canvas above his changing table and it reminds him of letters, so he starts belting out the ABC's. he calls the letter Y, "wyatt," in honor of a kid at school. i actually have a video of this (though it's pretty dark because only his moon light was on).

-judah has been calling me "misshuh mommy" by mistake lately. he loves his teachers and school and every day when we pull away from carpool, he goes, "bye logan, bye lily! bye regan, bye arsh! bye misshuh robin, bye misshuh cristi, bye misshuh ewin!" but when we get home and i am setting up his snack or helping him with something, he will sometimes go, "gank-gu misshuh mommy!" funny and kind of sad.

i need to get video of all of these little tidbits because i HAVE to have access to his little voice and face exactly as it is these days when he is a big hairy man who knows how to pronounce things and doesnt get emotionally invested in curious george. seriously, who is working on the freezing time technology?


  1. I've discovered another one of your spiritual gifts: Spelling out Judah's hilarious kid talk. You nail it every time. Who needs scientists, this is perfect.

  2. Agreed!!! I always know just what he's saying and marvel at how you spell it so correctly--inspired, I'd say!
    Please get the ABC's wyatt THIS weekend!! Yes, we HAVE to have it! Thrilled you're writing this down...family historian can be added to your accolades.

  3. You had me laughing out loud...my 2 year old isn't speaking nearly as well as your son (at least not in a language I'm familiar with)...but he does say "whats that" about 400 times a day...but it sounds like that old BudLite commercial, "wuzzzup" You're right, I need to do a better job at keeping track of these things because my attempts at stopping time haven't worked. My youngest (and last) turns 1 on Sunday...soon, no more babies....it goes too fast, way too fast. I'm definitely going to make more of an effort to record these moments...thanks for the reminder!!

  4. jesse's comment slays me every time. writing out your kids isms isn't easy, yo! so kudos to you :)