fall is at our door (pinspiration)

having a sunshine yellow front door has led to some tricky decisions for wreaths. clashing, melting people retinas with too much color and inadvertently going the ketchup/mustard look are all pitfalls to be avoided at any cost. we had just been sticking with our green spray wreath with fake goldish berries, but after 5 years, it was time for a change and some seasonal flair.

i recently saw a pin for 30 fall wreath ideas on pinterest and knew that i could find something that would go well on our special little door and still herald the season that makes us all smile.

i took some ideas for a few in this great collection. i went with a burlap and felt flower combo.

this was start to finish a 30 minute project. here's what i used:

-a wreath form (i used a straw wreath still in its plastic because i had one already, but will be using this CHEAP substitute in the future)
-hot glue gun
-3 sheets of fall colored felt
-1/2 yard of burlap from joann (so cheap!)
-a 1-yard piece of coordinating silky ribbon for hanging

i cut the burlap into long strips about 2.5" wide and wound them around and around the wreath form, gluing at the beginning and end of each strip (in the back of the wreath where possible to hide the junctions).

to make the flowers, i just cut long strips of the felt, about a 1/2" wide. then i rolled them up, gluing every few times around until they reached a good size. then i glued them to the burlap in a formation that made me happy.

i never solved the mystery of how to stop the burlap from fraying, so i just gave the wreath a haircut when it was all over and tried not to jostle any more strands loose.

to hang it, i got some pretty brown ribbon (ideally, i would have found a much thicker ribbon, but this was all they had in the by-the-yard option), looped it around and duct taped the ends to the tippy top of our door, making sure to center it over the peep hole.

come on in! in the house that goes with this door, we will roast chestnuts, bake pie and snuggle. we definitely wont scrape petrified cheerios off the carpet and try to track down the source of "that smell."


  1. lookin' good!! i LOVE that yellow door too. sooo fresh and so clean clean. i owe you about a million gazillion comments from past posts, but i am hoping that with your well-honed sci-fi skillz combined with your world domination by means of internet mastery you have already read my mind and know exactly what i was going to say each time. i will tell you that every time i look at random pins on pinterest i see your braided scarf tutorial!! it takes everything in me not to comment "HEY I KNOW THE GIRL WHO DID THIS!!!!!!!!!"