weekly pinspiration

i havent been posting about these as regularly as i should, but dont think for a minute that that means i am not using the wonderland of pinterest to bring my favorite ideas from around the internet to life.

a rundown. here we go!

i about swooned when i saw these pumpkin pie croissants and had to have them on my eat me! food board. easy, holiday, yummy, perfect.

not mine. picture and recipe source.

i made these as an appetizer for the dukes family thanksgiving.

my thoughts: much tinier than they look in the picture (you cut each dough triangle in two). not nearly as sweet as i wanted. not super easy to roll up prettily. i dont really care about them looking bad, but they MUST taste good. we counteracted the sweet issue by dipping and double dipping every bite into the sugar and spices mix.

we made 16 of these for a house of 11 hungry people and there were about 6 left over. not a great statistic. bum out. i think this is a great idea though and could be redeemed with a little tinkering with the filling ingredients. it was just way too "pumpkin" and not enough "pie." i give it a 5 out of 10.


when the fabulous ashley ann showed off her house rules print, i was coveting hard core. not only is it a great looking print, but the rules would fit our family perfectly. it went onto my dream house board.

then i realized that it was only $25 on etsy (though i think it has gone up to $30). hooray! i waited for a few more scarf orders to come in and then used those profits to purchase our own print with white on black (which i like less overall, but goes better in our house/cave).

a major michael's sale and coupons produces a big frame for this bad boy, and now it is featured prominently on our living room wall. i LOVE IT!

before layla's birthday party

a few asides:

1. yes we got a big flatscreen. i relented to this purchase because it frees up tons of floor space having the TV mounted now. since our living room is also our dining room and playroom, we NEED all the space we can get since we will not be moving any time soon (thanks a million, capitalism!! haha j/k). we got a sick sale and 3 years no interest. we love it. the kids have a little ikea table that they eat at now!

2. yes, that IS a finished quilt. my first ever. more on that soon.

3. i made those flaggy buntings for layla out of the same material as her quilt. i have declared anna maria horner's good folks line to be layla's official fabric collection. i mean who doesn't have an official fabric line? it's like a birthstone or a middle name? those flags took about 3 hours because i am stupid. so they will be at EVERY one of her parties forever and ever, amen.


i have loved these cheap-y, easy little fabric-covered cork boards for a long time. i even picked up a three pack of the cork circle trivets from ikea months ago. i finally pinned the tutorial to my "must make" board to remind myself to just do it.

well, do it i did! i picked some of my favorite rich yellow fabrics, and thumbtacked those sukers down.

the tricky thing that the tutorial doesnt cover was mounting these circle beauties. you're just dealing with a cork disc, so there's not really hanging hardware included.

i opted to hot glue a few more flat-topped thumbtacks (the same ones used to mount the fabric) to the back and just tack each circle to the wall. we will see how this mounting solution holds up to use (if i can bring myself to actually use them...they are so cute and pristine without notes on them).

the space formerly known as the dining room that is now my sewing area.


another pin from the must make board was this handy diaper strap tutorial. after my babies are a few months old, i am SO ready to be liberated from the diaper bag. i love this little adjustable velcro strap which holds a few diapers and a pack of wipes with no fuss. just drop the bundle in your purse and pray for no blowouts!

i made a few for gifts and added them to a gift set in my etsy shop. i am thinking of making a version that has a little wrist strap sewn in so that you could go totally hands free when you need to change a babe while you're out.

happy ernie not included.


finally from my outfits i couldnt pull off board is a fashion pin brought to life. i lamented loudly when i first saw these taupe moto style buckle boots on pinterest for just $37 and realized that they didnt have my size. i was jonesing for some mid-height, non-brown boots.

over the thanksgiving break i was mindlessly internetting around (must stop wasting hours of my life like that) and i realized they had my size back in stock. i used almost all of my monthly clothes budget and snapped these suckers up.

the shipping was SO fast all the way from california and i really love the boots. especially with my gray skinny jeans. they run about a half-size big and the soles are rock hard, but i just wear warm boot-socks and threw in a pair of old tennis shoe insoles and now they are perfection.

kicked up on my desk at work. total badass? maybe, just maybe. but probably not.

there's a happy bunch of november pinning from me to you. have yall made any pin projects come to life lately? i'd love to stalk up on some if you leave me a link!

dont forget to enter the nourish $20 giveaway. it will close tomorrow!


  1. I love this post. Love the quilt. Love the fabric-covered trivets. Love the diaper strap. I made a diaper & wipes holder (it was actually my first-ever sewing project like THE DAY I got my machine), but ended up not using it because it was too bulky. The strap is genius. And, I love the boots. I have some birthday money stashed away and am dreaming of the perfect pair. But I figure I have to venture into the world of skinny jeans first...not happening until my body is semi-normal in shape again.
    Oh, and also, I love the serger sitting on your table because it looks JUST LIKE MINE! Oh the glory. (P.S. I would love any tips/advice you have with getting started with it. I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment and all I can think is that I need to buy lots and lots of thread.)

  2. Thanks for trying out the pumpkin pie croissants! I saw them while wondering around your pinterest. Maybe I'll go for the chocolate ones. I don't think you can screw up anything with chocolate. :) If only Nutella would put out some coupons...

  3. glad to see those pumpkin pie things aren't all their cracked up to be! i was doubtful but i didn't wanna make them myself to see if they actually would taste like i thought they would.
    also? that diaper strap is amazing!

  4. I just made a diaper strap to go with a diaper bag/burp cloth/taggie blanket set I made for a baby shower last weekend. It turned out so cute--and sooooo easy to make! I've pinned some projects I want to do, but haven't gotten to any of them so far. Here's the link, though (i think some of the images aren't showing up now): http://pinterest.com/alainamcj/things-to-make/