deep thoughts and peyote

this hilarious creature turns one next monday. we aren't thinking about that right now though, because it clearly has to be fiction. but i am writing her birth story. and it's almost done.

as i've been writing it, i am going back and reliving all the discomfort of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth. even in my memory, it's intense.

but then i look at the little bee-bopping sassy perfect goober that those trials brought forth and i feel like i catch a glimpse of grace.

from blood, life. from pain, joy. worth it? obviously. it feels like a jesus moment and i have to catch my breath.

can he really love me this much? yes. and the labor to bring me to him hurt immeasurably more. whoa.

ok this one is just plain funny. she looks like a little hippie who smoked some peyote and become one with nature.


  1. seriously. i am taking her home with me when i come over.

  2. ha! that last one is just great.

  3. The first one! Layla sunshine girl! She's a dreamy one.

  4. I love her little outfit! Tell me I can buy it on etsy?! Well not her exact one, but a version of it.

  5. @foy update...no it is from baby gap and it is a hand me down from raechel who commented just before you. it's probably like 10 years old and reachel snagged it at a garage sale for like 3 pennies and a button. she's good like that.