mission accomplished

coming next week: the double braided scarf tutorial and a fun giveaway.

now playing: i sat down and tried to catch video of some of my favorite judah-isms from the previous post. it went pretty well, including a bonus catch of another one we LOVE: him saying "island of SODOR." he gets this stuck in his head and repeats it incessantly until we distract him whenever thomas & friends is on (rarely...those train face are cuh-reepy!).

also, if you are from a recording studio wanting to sign me to a singing contract, just email me. i set up an account with tons of storage to prepare for the impending deluge.


  1. I can't wait for the tutorial!!!! That is a gorgeous looking scarf

  2. He is outrageously adorable. And I am outrageously excited about the tutorial, though I'm still going to have the same problem and not be able to do it because I can't commit to any 2 colors. Sigh.