we got a teether

judah's two bottom teeth are about to break through any minute now. i imagine this event will be heralded by the kind of wriggle...pop! noise that accompanies a cartoon carrot being pulled from the earth. he has been a champ for the last 2 months since they started forming/coming in/terrorizing him. this last week has been extra rough.

telltale signs of teething: mom has in earplugs to guard against the wailing going on 3 inches from her cochlea, baby is drooling and gnawing on his fist while rubbing is head back and forth against mom's shoulder, mom has a furrowed brow and frazzled locks.

we are sad and frazzled. we are sadzzled.

ahhhh baby motrin

when i was pregnant we would try to imagine our baby's face and what he would look like. i didn't have a beautiful enough imagination to even be able to picture a face that i could love this much. my cardiac grinchometer just 'sploded. now there's unconditional love all over my keyboard.

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  1. We are having sad teething times too!! Very familiar with the defeated face rub back and forth on the shoulder. The worst is in the middle of the night when the medicine wears off and he is crying real tears....ahhhh... hope those little teeth bud soon! xoxoxo