once upon a time

this is close to heaven for me. flaming orange trees and my two favorite boys. reading awesome (nerdy) books in 70 degree weather on a big quilt in peachtree city while enjoying subway for minimal points (in heaven this would be cheese fries and piles of fried turkey skin instead) we won't discuss the fact that there were golf carts whizzing by 5 feet away from us on one side and highway 54 twenty feet on the other side.

i finally decided to play with picasa collages and boy am i glad i did. LOVE it. i am thinking you will see much more of these in the future. you can click to enlarge it
also: tonight is our 4th annual turkey fry and potluck food bonanza that we have every year for our college friends. this is the only event that i host in my house and we LOVE it. i usually stress and plan and clean every inch of the house weeks in advance. but this year, with the bug, that wasn't even possible. it feels AWESOME! judah will be asleep the whole time (in the bathtub that we are turning into a crib to keep him far from the noise). WW points, farewell!


  1. Love the pictures girl! Most of the trees up here are mostly bare already!

  2. awww I love those pictures! and I'm so excited about the new blog!! once I take a few more English classes and have a kid I just might start one too.

  3. cutest bug ever. he's getting so big!!

  4. love love love the one of him up in the air with the leaves above him! and your super cool glasses.