you're invited

to my pity party. i can't find our camera with all the halloween pics on it. so i can't post about what we all were for halloween, and it was GOOD. we looked ridiculous. also, i have lost my 4 week old glasses thank can't be replaced because insurance only covers one pair every 2 years. also i was butt sick all weekend and tried to go to the dr. this morning but they wouldn't let me even try for a walk in appointment until 2:30 today which is when i leave work and go pick up jesse's sister, elena, for respite care. jerks. so hopefully i will have a full recovery on all these issues tonight and be able to post tomorrow. sorry for the delay.

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  1. boo hiss! what a bummer for you and what a bummer for me...i'm dying to know what judah was!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope you feel better soon.