duking it out

cousin bella investigates. these two are gonna be best buds; they're only 18 months apart.

. bad grandaddy!...birthday cool whip/ice cream (from yet another bday meal that was partially for me). this would turn into chocolate sauce-giving a little later. and a stained onesie. thats what grandparents are for: love, spoiling and messes, love it!

SO cute. with grams cracking up at grandaddy and daddy across the room (look at that quad definition!)


  1. LOVE these pictures!!

    I am dying to meet that chunk of love...hopefully Brennan and I can make it down there soon.

    I love reading your blog too Kate!

    Cousin E (Erica)

  2. is that a part i see in the bug's hair??? he looks so old!!!!

  3. Yah!! It's so fun to be ON the blog, since I'm devoted to reading and enjoying it!! You're so amazing, Keight, and we were so glad to celebrate you, Jesse and Elena at our last Dukes birthday bash! And yes, I do love the physique on that boy--reminds me of his daddy!