a drop in the bucket

here's one more reason why i love jesse so much: we have the exact same sense of humor. for instance, on saturday i was diligently entering my weight watchers points into the computer while jesse was feeding our 2 beastly dogs, chopper and clifford, in the back yard. i heard him come back inside and kind of realized in the back of my mind and out of the corner of my eye that he was standing in the living room. i didn't think anything of it and then i realized he hadn't said anything or moved in a few minutes. so i look up and this is what i see:

except he wasn't smiling. he was just standing there with that stranger in his arms, both of them staring at me. this was alarming on several levels. first off, our dogs are humongous and have the destructive capability of a category 4 tropical depression; therefore, they do NOT come in the house, so seeing dog of any kind inside was strange. secondly, i have never seen this animal in my life, so having it go from nonexistent in my worldview to present in the arms of my husband in my living room was somewhat surreal. thirdly, i didn't know if this beast was friend or foe. one of my instant thoughts was that jesse had finally turned against me like a pod-person and was going to turn this creature loose to eliminate me. i definitely had a "fight or flight" moment of shock. i picked flight. i jumped up off the couch and ran the other way part laughing hysterically part crying a little bit out of fear and confusion and weired-outness.

then i realized what was happening and how funny it was that jesse had just stood there for several minutes holding a dog and waiting for me to look up and react. she turned out to be really sweet, her name was macey and she lives 2 houses down from us according to her collar. apparently jesse found her chatting with our dogs through their fence and she seemed amiable so he decided to pick her up and bring her in our house for a laugh. turns out that is just my style and i have cracked up several times since then just remembering him over there with that dog while i ignored him, patiently waiting as the hilarity potential grew and grew. what a guy.

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  1. I am beginning to think that you are the grown up version of Alli...! Kristy