handel says what?

HALLELUJAH! i found my glasses and my camera. that means halloween pics are coming soon! in the meantime people, please celebrate the 2009 election day today and vote on the poll at the top right of the blog. there are like 10 times as many people reading this as there were back when we did the old one right after judah was born and yet half as many votes as back then. maybe this photo exhibition will help you decide who judah looks like...finally.

the bug in all his 2009 glory. right around 5 months old here

judah's daddy at a few months old 1982

and the mommy under a shockingly similar textile to the above photo, also in 1982. (maybe my and jesse's moms were shopping for quilt fabric in the same store in the summer of 1982 and they squeezed by each other in the yellow checkered aisle and their bellies rubbed together and jesse and i peeked out of our belly button portholes and our fetal eyes locked and we fell in love, our hearts imprinted with the memory of the true love that we would search after for 21 years...90% sure that's how it happened)

ok people...make up your minds and barrack the vote. hopefully we'll get enough votes on the judah poll to post the halloween riddle-reveal pics...not that i would hold out on yall until we got enough votes or anything. never.


  1. whatever!!!!!!!! i was so going to do the very same post. i got baby pics from phil's mom when we were in atlanta and my baby pics when we were in tampa just so i could do the same kind of poll. i just need to get my butt to the scanner....that could happen any month now...

  2. Wow, I can't believe I finally subscribed to your blog. It was the "peeked out of our belly button portholes" line that did it for me.

    I think Judah looks like 60% Jesse and 40% you. He seems to have Jesse's skin color, nose, and mouth, but your eyebrows. Well, I guess that's 75%, 25%. I'm not sure about the eyes and ears.

  3. Judah looks like you with Jesse's mouth!! I think I already voted. But it's you.