a winner and a participant

coming to you live from our car as it putters north by northwest toward franklin, TN.

it's race weekend, y'all!

we are heading up to franktown dizzle to meet up with the myers' and other teammates and new friends before heading cross-state together to memphis and all of the st. jude festivities.

I can't believe that the distant future of, "one day I will attempt to run a half marathon," is HERE! It's on me like a clingy toddler (2 of which we are free of for 4 whole days thanks to our AMAZING, beloved, forever appreciated parents!)

I was, and remain, a very untalented runner. But I did the work and am ready to run and to finish at my handicapped turtle's pace.

My first, disgusting couch to 5k run was back in april. since then, I have run 313.44 miles. I've spent over 60 hours running.

That is insane. Why would anyone do that?

I am so excited. The Sunday before thanksgiving was the 11 mile run in our training program; the longest one of all leading up to the race and by far our longest distance ever. Jesse and I both did it with no issues.

If we can do 11 miles on our own, in our boring old town, having to carry our own water and with no one to block traffic or cheer us on, and for no great reason, then we can DEFINITELY do 13.1 when you factor in the great cause, the race adrenaline, the spectators and running with our friends and team.

I can't wait to hit that finish line. I'm going to be a sobbing, sweaty, stinky, slow-moving mess! It's gonna rock.

We know two survivors of childhood cancer, our sister Elena, and our flower girl, audrey. We are all about a cure for that evil disease and running our butts off to give some more money to finding it!

Insert appropriate segue here.

And now, for the winner of the nourish $20 giveaway:

And comment #40 was:

Congrats Kimberly! Email me your info and I'll get with Rae and figure out what you need to do to place your order. if i dont hear from you by friday, 12/9, i will draw another winner.

Now that we know who won, the less random.org-ly blessed of us can go use our 15% off code (dukes15). This discount will end Friday night, so get your goodies cheap and now!

Thanks to everyone for entering.

Much more goodness from raceland (eh? right? Who's with me? You know, because of memphis?)to come!

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  1. Good Luck at the race! What fun crossing the finish line is going to be!

  2. this is so awesome! so proud of all that you've accomplished. i started running this summer and on saturday i'll be doing my 3rd 5k. knowing how short of a time you've been doing this makes me feel like i can do it, too! rock that run girl!

  3. I sent you an email, did you get it? :)