judah got to attend his best school buddy, logan's, 3rd birthday party recently. they have been in the same class since before they were both 1 year old. these guys are inseparable to a hilarious degree (although judah's teachers said logan was a little alarmed at judah's stinky toots this week...ha!). logan has told his mom that judah is his "best friend," and whenever we ask judah any question beginning with "who?" the answer is always "LOGAN!" i am kind of bummed that he now pronounces it correctly, since it used to be "WOAGIE!"

we talked about the party all week and every time we'd tell him we were going to logan's party, judah would indignantly blurt, "it MAH birt-day!" so charming. kid better get used to waiting for his party, with a 5/25 birthday, he'll be one of the last ones every year.

this was after about 10 spontaneous hugs when i tried to make them do it for the camera and logan got shy.

they followed each other around the entire party straight up copying whatever the other one was doing.

judah's love language is "tackling"

table for two and cocktails with lunch. (no i clearly dont understand light or cameras)

the sweet cupcake cake that judah spit all over in the name of helping logan blow out his candles.

here's where things got interesting. i gave judah a cupcake and rolled up his sleeves.

surveying his target

taking aim


at this point i went to grab a wet paper towel to wipe the icing off of his fingers and face when he was done. i came back 10 seconds later to this:


the funny thing was, he ate NONE of his cupcake. i ate the entire thing after he said he was "ah done!" i guess he just wanted to rub it all over his face and arms like braveheart and then call it a day.

i understand the mess. i just cant even process the speed at which it occurred!

our nieces' are having their joint birthday party this weekend...i wonder if icing is involved. i wonder if judah is going to get beat up by them when he repeatedly insists that's "it MAH birt-day!"


  1. ohmygoodness, that is too funny. i don't understand the speed at which kids do things either...i turn around and they are up on the counter, eating something for a snack with their feet hanging off the edge. ;)

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