scarf winner and a discount for all!

what an awesome turnout for the double braided scarf giveaway! we had 141 comments (one of which was mine that i deleted later).

i got a bunch of questions and emails asking about a tutorial for this double braid scarf, for all you sew-babes. the answer is: yes! there is a tutorial coming. but i am learning that good, clear, comprehensive, understandable tutorials are butt-kickers to put together. i will try to get it posted before the end of the year.

i will keep the double braid for sale in my etsy shop for the non sew-ers and i am going to go ahead and add the single braid option for purchase too.

on to the winner. it was comment number 123 (easy as 1-2-3! oh, i hate/love myself for that one).

and that means the winner is:

hooray for suze! suze, please sayeth me your info in an email and what colors you would like!

and of course i HATE that that means the rest of you didnt win. my crazy heart wanted to make like 80 of these things and then make this post all oprah surprisery, "YOU get scarf! YOU get a scarf! YOU get a scarf!" but my lazy ass is sometimes the boss more than the crazy heart. also my tiny wallet.

but i will give you all something, a tiny parting gift. now through the end of october (holiday gifts, anyone?), any purchase from the shop will be 20% off! just enter the code BLOGBUDDYOCT at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase!

i just added a bunch of fabric button earrings that you could get for super cheap with your discount code.

and as always, if there is something you want me to make that isn't in the shop, just let me know and i'll see what i can do!

keep it breezy, peeps.

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