the power of the pin

the sum of trying to be more deliberate with the food i stuff down my gullet, coupled with a timely publix sale and some wishful thinking left me holding the cold, stumpy green end of a broccoli bush one night and sporting a hardcore pair of skeptical eyebrows.

i HATE broccoli. the only way i have ever come close to enjoying it is in a vegetable tray, cold, and doused with some fat-based cream sauce.and even then i'd have to be really hungry. even as a kid i used to just swallow it whole like a vitamin (despite copious amounts of microwaved cheee-whiz...good try, mom) so i could get up from the table.

but dammit if that vile weed isnt really good for you. also, jesse really loves it and never gets it at home (broccoli is the only noun that fits in the previous sentence, i assure you) so i pulled out my magic wand, pinterest, and searched for a cure.

if you dont know about/use/understand pinterest, you probably hate me and this blog by now. but rest assured, i wouldnt repeat myself post after post if it wasnt the bomb. think of it as my 3rd child: it's in my daily life and i love and treasure it, so naturally, you are going to hear it mentioned here. also: TRY IT OUT!

i found a really braggy recipe that claimed that it was like biting into steak and pinned it on my own "eat me!" board. here is the pin to the recipe.

this blogger's recipe was an adapted barefoot contessa one, but she cut corners and eliminated nonsense fancy people ingredients (julienned fresh basil? get a freaking grip, ina!), my kind of gal!

here is our batch (one stump's worth):

broccoli is not the most photogenic gal in the flora kingdom. she's more like the sturdy dependable friend you you want at the bottom your cheerleading and/or food pyramid

not gonna lie, y'all. it was really good. the key is that it just tastes like delicious roasted garlic, lemon zest, and parmesan cheese. the only broccoli features that come through are the health-benefits and the texture.

we have made this 3 times in the last 2 weeks. really easy, and really good. i cant even believe what has happened to me.

if you're listening, colon, you'd better show me some love...this is all for you!


  1. Have you tried kale chips?? It's another super food, but cooked in the most amazing way... ends up tasting like french fries, swear.

  2. Broccoli is the best! Justin loves peas and I don't, but somethings you just have to do it!

  3. I'm skeptical, but might be willing to try that there evil vegetable.

    A friend calls broccoli the little broom - cuz it sweeps all the nasties out of your colon. Enjoy it!