a few quick things

1. our sneak peek pictures from layla's last baby club session came out this week. i'm swooning. even though i got no less than 16 massive mosquito bites despite only 8 inches of leg showing below my capri pants. worth it.

if you knew how long it took me to put together these outfits...and jesse's undershirt is purple, FYI, had to put that out there since you cant see it and that one portion of clothing probably took me 15 minutes to come up with.

fraggle rock. she was DONE at this point, 40 minutes past her bedtime but she rallied.

the aryan portion of the family. oh, i like them.

their eyes could not be more similar and their hair could not be more different.

oh man, never, ever change, layla-girl.

2. a followup to the braided scarf tutorial is coming. it's a fancy new twist you can add in to the process for more sass and flair. we'll call it a tutette. well, i'll call it that in private.

3. judah did it again yesterday. twice. if it happens again, we are taking away his current favorite toys (his tool set, specifically 2 hammers). we have done this once before and it worked well since every time he asked where his train was we were able to remind him that he was experiencing the consequence of his poor choice. PRAYING that he doesnt do it again.

4. she is sunshine.

5. the weekly pinspiration post is coming. i have material but am waiting to photograph one final project before i post it.

6. we are raising the next generation of dukesy carbophiles.

7. i lay in bed from 11 pm to 4 am last night, stuck in some sort of insomnia purgatory. it was awful. if i was a POW, i would have given up the secrets many times over. i did make some good progress in "war and peace," however, though even tolstoy wasnt enough to send me to dreamland. this cannot continue.

8. finished an order of bridesmaids' jewelry rolls for a high school friend who got married recently.

i love an iteration. they're so pretty in their little arc of goodness

my two favorite combinations from this bunch.

9. jesse was his senior class president which means he is in charge of planning his 10 year reunion. or was in charge, since it is this weekend. we are kid free and i am looking forward to it, strangely, even though you couldn't have paid me to go to mine last year (i have a hard time going back to places that meant a lot to me...i still cant make myself go back to a georgia tech volleyball game). even more exciting is getting to sleep in the next morning!

onward and upward friends. have a great octobery weekend!


  1. These pictures are adorable! I love all the colors in y'alls outfits too!
    And an addition to the braided scarf? Can't wait to see even though I don't think I have enough patience to change any of the steps now that I finally got the hang of it!

  2. I hope this doesn't sound creepster, but your husband's cleft in his chin is ADORBS. He will always look young with that.

    And your family is pretty adorbs, too. Will be fun to see all the pics from that session! I think you scored with the clothing choices.

    This was a lift-you-up comment, courtesy of Christine-on-Motrin! (Not that I would normally be mean. But I wouldn't normally sound so gushy, ok?)

  3. (Pardon me if this is a repeat, but Blogger maybe lost my first comment? I'm going to try to recreate it in its gushy glory.)

    I'm sorry if this is creepster, but your husband's cleft in his chin is ADORBS. And your family looks pretty adorbs in those photos, too. Can't wait to see the rest of them!

    And you did just fine with the clothes. Fun colors.

    This lift-you-up comment courtesy of Christine-on-Motrin! (Not that I would normally be mean. I just wouldn't be so gushy.)

  4. Aileen Miller10/9/11, 7:57 PM

    Love the pictures- especially the first one!

  5. LOVE the pictures. And I agree with Christine about Jesse's chin, but I always refer to it as a "butt chin." I always wanted one, and I always wanted to marry someone with one. Welp, neither Ryan or I have one, but BOTH of our kids do!!!! God's funny. Love it!

  6. PS Love the jewelry rolls. I just used mine for the first time this weekend and it was perfection. My seamstress for 40+ years mother even commented on how well made it was. Point: Keight!