my last haircut of any kind: 5/29/2010. that is until friday 10/14/11.

this my hair "style" literally 90% of the time. it is only ever down if it is wet after washing or if i am sleeping. i am that lazy.

front taco with a side of rat's nest. the sides are 'spiderfinger chic'

but i have always been like this. have really long hair, never use it or show it off, except for 4 times a year maybe. but it was beyond bad recently when the last few times i have actually "tried," --aka, blow dried, flat ironed, brushed-- my hair it hasnt even looked good. it is so void of style that it wont even respond to effort at this point.

so i saved my etsy money and hit the salon for the first time since layla was a shrimp-sized fetus. i had them throw a bunch of layers and some "swoopy front pieces" up in there and bumped up the color with some highlights. it feels better already.


shorter, sassier, healthier. i am blurry with joy.

i will still only wear it down a maximum of one day a week. let's not get crazy and expect any real change. the blow dryer is still ridiculous as it takes more than 20 ludicrous minutes to dry my hair. call me when the insta-dry technology from marty mcfly's jacket becomes a reality. and even straightening is now a mega-chore since 2 pregnancies gave my previously straight-as-an-arrow hair some legit curls...but only in the BACK of my head! not useful.

if youre on the southside of atlanta, i highly recommend kristie p. at ici paris in peachtree city. she 100% delivered on my scattered, non descriptive wishes AND showed me new ways to style it. and i LOVE my color...she can do it all!

i demolished the professionally styled perfection (which you can never really recreate on your own!) 12 hours later by pulling the hair back into an elastic prison and dragging it 9.3 miles on our 15k. i was blazingly fast without my split ends snagging on the wind.


  1. Gorgeous!!! But 20 minutes??? Is it soaking wet? Try drip-drying for up to 30 minutes while doing something else since you're probably busy... then it only takes me 6 minutes (and my hair is supremely thick).

  2. Snagging on the wind; Oh you make me laugh! I think your hair looks great!

  3. Ah, you look so cute!! Love the new 'do! I'm currently in the super awkward grow-it-or-cut-it phase of my hair, and my indecision is also leaving me with ponytail and headband as my only option. You rock a ponytail better than I do though--sometimes when I'm out I keep an eye over my shoulder, because one of these days Stacy and Clinton's What Not To Wear secret footage camera is going to be there...

  4. Looks great! It's amazing how good a haircut can make you feel. Try one of those special microfibre hair wrap towels, they really suck the moisture out of your hair so it takes less time to dry.

  5. You know I always like a new do and yours is fabulous! Work it mama!