park it!

we took a little trip to our neighborhood park recently. this was layla's first time there as a new walker and judah's first time since he became a super huge boundary-pusher.

in time out in the school house. for trying to run away and jump in the creek.

pretty pleased with herself.

climbing the stegosaurus' back. this was our first encounter with the "i dont NEED help!" mindset of the preschooler. he kept trying to swat my hands away from spotting him underneath this massive structure.

hahaha still first time on wood chips. gotta get the equilibrium down

timeout #2. a little come to jesus talk at the tree trunk

couldn't you just gobble her right up?

"oh, hey mom! what? no, we were definitely NOT planning a coup to overthrow you guys. why do you ask?"


  1. oh man those pics are too cute. the timeout one might be my fave....and of course the coup...layla's face is totally guilty.

  2. how weird is it that i was thinking of going to the park this morning?! and now your post makes me want to there even more...too bad it's raining today!

  3. Are you serious with those mini crocs??! Gah!!! Cutest ever. The mid-fall picture, too... you seriously need to send that in to a contest or something. Winner right there!

  4. There's something about their faces in the last pic -- they look SO much alike!!! I love it.

    Just remember the super huge boundary pusher is in cognito as a normal 2 year old--it comes with the territory. That sweet little guy is just trying to figure out where the mine fields are.