more makings

another of the home made stencils. sometimes judah likes to get dressed up. now he's prepared for every black-tie occasion

my first ever applique. i used scrap fabric from old burpcloth projects and cut these shapes out then machine stitched around them. it was hard navigating the sewing machine around the nooks of the branches!

jo-ann was having a stupid sale where simplicity patterns were only 99 cents. usually these are like 17 bucks each. so i stocked up even though this is out of my league for right now. i got patterns to make baby shoes, kitchen decor, throw pillows, wallets, make up bags and plenty of other stuff. also on my list of new crafts to try is dyeing. try to contain your excitement.


  1. shoot woman- you'll have to try the patterns and let me know how they go. I tried an apron last year and it was a hot mess. Since then I've forgotten how to thread the machine... going back for lessons at the end of the month

  2. oooh girl! love that tree shirt. super cool.

  3. Adorable. I love the tie (because it is always cute to dress a little guy up like a man) and the tree is too cute. Are you going to make a turtle? I liked the turtle one on "finding my feet". And I so think you can master dying. I look forward to seeing more.

  4. you are such a stud. judah looks way happy to be modeling, too!! so cute.