handy man

judah is getting really good at using his hands to do what he wants to. gone are the days when they would betray him by smacking him in the face unexpectedly (though that was amusing for us). now he can use them to smack US in the face on purpose (though he does it to "give us five" and encourage not to be a baby menendez brother). here are two recent examples of what he can do with no clothes and his two lil' paws.

eating delicious mum mums (thanks, merran!) they are like big rice krispies that dissolve fast in babies' mouths. they are VERY yum yum. i should know because i eat the leftovers. he's freaking feeding himself! WHAT?!?!

and he loves to lay down and read a book in this position. it's so funny and big boy looking. pardon me, young sir, sitting there flipping through a novel, don't i know you from somewhere? like from when you were a tiny little bean living in my uterus?...wasn't that yesterday and how did you escape? oh yeah, i remember.

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