1 down; 100 to go

while getting into a humongous fight with your husband literally the second you walk in the door on a thursday night may not sound like an ideal scenario, it does leave plenty of time to sew in peace, privacy, and contemplation of revenge involving becoming a needle-wielding lorena bobbit. (can we stop for a second a appreciate the irony of her last name? i was young when this story happened so i don't remember if the media took advantage of the puns that were up for grabs).
moving on from penile excision (remind me to tell you a HILARIOUS vincent family story about just that...seriously) straight to crafty knick-nacks. i bought this book last weekend. it's 101 little projects you can do with just one yard of fabric. it's a step up from just sewing fabric onto other things like my burp cloths and onesies have been and a step to the side of making baby hats and pants. this is taking a yard of fabric and turning it into any number (actually the number is 101 for now) of things.

i have flagged a bunch of projects that look fun/doable. i can honestly say that several of these tabs are specifically for some of you that i have in mind as gifts! get excited...NOW!

i stocked up on 50% off fabric at joann yesterday at lunch and promptly left it all in it's bag at the counter. so i got home with lots of sewing accessories, but nothing to actually sew upon. so (hahaha sew/so never gets old) i ghetto-rigged one of the patterns to work with a half yard that i already had. it cant be a good sign that i am already improvising on project #1 of 100. however i am freaking pumped to say that it turned out awesome.
its a car trash can! i have always kind of laughed at the sewing books when they tell me to "press" the seams and fabric as i go. i mean, i don't even iron clothes that i wear, so do you really expected me to iron a trash bag? however, this time i obeyed and my lines are scrum-diddly-umptious as a result. so crisp. so clean. sew keight. (copyrighted tagline)

that's not pink in the pattern and the trim, it's actually cherry-red, just like our car (which is named shotty fire burnin' weasley, FYI)

y'all, it has a strap and a pocket and a parachute clip! and use; sweet heavens, the use! man oh man, the garbage i am gonna STUFF into this thing! and i can stuff as vigorously as i like because i zig-zag reinforced my seam allowances and box stitched the straps in place (can't even believe i just wrote that sentence). i think the first thing i am gonna vigorously stuff in here are my husband's [metaphorical] nads when we finish this fight!


  1. seriously keight! is there anything you can't do? I find myself so amazed with your craftiness! and slightly jealous. I really think you are supermom!

  2. You should ask your readers what they think about my greivous crimes against humanity. Talk about fun...

  3. love it!!!! how do you keep it from getting dirty from all the trash in it...stupid question, but that was my first thought..i guess you just wash it?
    hope your fight doesn't keep you from coming over on sunday :)

  4. what happened to the new layout design you had won?

  5. Yeah...so when do we get more details about the fight--maybe we should take a poll on what it was about??

    Now that we fixed the 'I can only post one blog at a time' problem, I can comment away! Yea!

    (After I got the noise machine on and held him and sang to him for a few minutes, he went right to sleep--no worries! Have fun!)