game over!

okay so it's over and we have a winner! 

the answer to the picture puzzle of what is this:


was this:

yall sleuths who spotted the exp date get major points! i didnt even catch them in the first really underexposed pic...or i would have cropped them out.

and in context:

i gave the kids cups of orange jello with their snack the other day and came in a few minutes later to find this charming scene of layla "heating up" the cups of gelatin on the eyes of her play kitchen stove. i found this brilliant independent imaginary play AND super dooper cool looking!

since we had like 4 people guess jello right at the same-ish time, the tie goes to the guesser who added the extra piece of the puzzle (that it was one something lighting it up): 

Little Oak Creations

email me with the keyfob color/fabric you'd like

everyone else gets a parting gift:

oh wait:
it's all gone

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