change of clothes

question: what do you get when daddy forgets to send the diaper bag to school and judah has a blowout during the day?

answer: whatever they have at the preschool for him to wear!

follow-up question: what do you do when you come home and find him dressed in huge, albeit adorable little couch potato duds?

answer: you get yourselves dressed exactly like him and take pictures, duh! (and then judah gets high evidently)

putting out the vibe works better withOUT drool on your chin, judah bug...just for future reference. (thats a SYTYCD rerun playing in the background, not erotica)

" you talkin' to me?"

and then i made this whale burp cloth and i love it. the end.


  1. super cute burp cloth!! where do you find patterns for those? I'm going to make some, once I learn how to thread the machine (details...)

  2. I've been there before... so I'm almost 100% certain that those clothes came from the Lost and Found! :-)

  3. Gah, love the burp cloth!

  4. DUDE! you are lookin' SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i, too, love the burp cloth. way to go.