jesse and i have often noticed that posts solely about layla dont get a lot of comment love. this used to make me sad, but not anymore. i know she is a fan favorite and am confident that her charms translate through binary so i shall happily continue to publish her antics and know that comments or lack thereof (always fine! no pressure!) do not make my lil' lady special. she just is.

girlfriend is straight up hilarious. she is a gorgeous, loving, witty, sassy little button of a kid who brings us to our knees in awe, love, hilarity and thankfulness.

here's a nice assortment of some of her most recent capers in cuteness (some of which i instagrammed and some not):

feeling fabulous in her tutu while testing out some accessories at baby gap

what's cute on judah tends to be even more cute and hilarious on her

ahhhhhhhhhhg shes amazing.

 pretending to eat soup out of an economy tin of im-not-even-going-to-tell-you-whats-in-there.

apparently iron[woman] conducts electricity

rocking mismatched wedges and most likely a wedgie.

tiny miss thing charmed a full pack of m&m's out of a church worker. i took them away and said she had to wait until after lunch to enjoy them. she immediately assumed the pouting position.

just checking to make sure her petulance is still being noted.

it's possible that she likes her big brother. hastag understatement.

fuzzy yoga-kins is BEAT and passes out in the car.

um yeah. she gives everything her all. even "potty theory 101"

sometimes she's so cute she has to pinch her own cheeks

she's riveting (get it?)

ah yes. this was about 2 months ago i think. her talking has come a loooooong way. i need to record a convo with her soon. but this captures her speech patterns perfectly. 

it's possible that his amazing daddy skills are a turn on. hashtag signmeupformore...practice

okay. i get it. i see why people want little girls. even our wild little lady would rather sit and talk than wrestle around. meanwhile, judah just body slams the walls, runs in circles around the house and growls and snarls. it's a little bit nice to have this relational nugget in the midst of the naked dervish and his path of destruction.

i love her so much i could eat her up. dear layla: please stay amazing and weird and feisty and loving. amen.


  1. She is sooo cute. And it's like she has had an explosion of little girl hair!!!

  2. Remember when you were kind of scared of having a girl? HA! She could not be more amazing. I am a huge Layla (and Judah) fan.

  3. I'm a Layzer fan!!! She's adorable and I can't wait to see her one month from TODAY!

  4. The one of her pinching her own little chubba cheekers could SERIOUSLY be my daughter! She is a blondie that wears a sprout pony every.day.of.her.life. I luuuurve it - Lalya is such a sweetie!! :)

  5. Hahah that economy sized tin looks like one we have....

  6. seriously little layla makes me want to have a child one day!!!

  7. she is changing my mind about being ok with having a girl someday....cutest kids ever!

  8. So much amazingness in one post! You must send the one with the red scarf into some magazine--it's an incredible photo. My favs are the one with Jesse and the one with your shoes! So yummy-got my spoon handy for her next stay!

  9. I love the one of her sleeping in the car! She was worn out from spending all her energy being over-the-top sweet and adorable at my house.

  10. I love the one of her sleeping in the car! She was worn out from spending all her energy being over-the-top sweet and adorable at my house.