stream of semi-consciousness

i took myself to urgent care on saturday because i have been sick for over a week. it's like some half-assed flu that allows me to be coherent and go to work, but which makes feel like i am 18 months pregnant too. i got antibiotics and am feeling 25 points better. have blown my way through 2 boxes of kleenex during this time. my most treasured possession right now it my sinus-blaster bottle.

during the last 5 days i have slept an average of 18-20 hours per day. jesse has been parenting at mythological levels, but i am so ready to reclaim my status as functional human, and to reclaim our house which has suffered under the tyranny of 2 toddlers versus only one adult.

judah informed me this morning that "daddy's hair weally brown. like chocate mee-uhlk." this is excellent on several levels. one: he is using similes. two: it shows off his habit of substituting the word "really" for any form of the verb "to be."

layla's third tooth came in! she got her first 2 teeth at 4 months and has been gumming her way through life ever since. her first top tooth broke through last week. let's all be thankful that it is her top MIDDLE two teeth coming through first so we dont have a repeat of this situation. it was passably cute on a 10 month old judah, but on a 15 month old terminator layla, it might actually frighten me. girlfriend is fierce!

i watched the oscars on sunday for the first time in years. i usually stay away from events like this that make me feel like an ugly boring slob, but this year i was just thankful. thankful that i am anonymous in 90% of my daily encounters with the outside world, thankful that no one gets paid to review what i was wearing, thankful even for my upper elbow meat (really, angelina?). maybe i have turned a corner and can finally be content with where and who i am. or maybe my self-hate receptors are bogged down under all this post nasal drip.

jesse preached at our new(ish) church on sunday. it was awesome. some of our best friends from our old church just happened to be visiting on a whim so it was great to have the extra cheering section there for him. we are falling hard for this church. right now they are meeting at a school 30 minutes away from our house (i do sunday mornings with both kids alone b/c jesse leaves early for band practice) but they are building a new building that is a mile and a half from our house. we are so excited to get more involved in this church that has received us with open arms and that wants to make a big impact in our neighborhood.

today is leap day! i just realized that people with march 1st birthdays would have been leap babies if they had been born in different years. cool! i also love a leap year because it means the summer olympics are coming! am i the only one who kind of wishes that china would host them all? no, i am not the only one. wesley snipes agree with me at least:

i came to the sad realization that i dont have any girl friends that i actually live in community with on any regular basis. i have many beloved best friends, but they all live at least 45 minutes away (which requires lots of preplanning), and most of them live in other counties, states and countries or on the internet (...or TV. LIZ LEMON!). i am working on remedying this because layla is just not cutting it for lady companionship.

i have like 5 AWESOME sewing tutorial/projects that i cant wait to share, but just when i got out from under an etsy avalanche i got the death funk. until mucous becomes an acceptable notion/trim, i am going to need to step away from the rotary cutter and remain in bed.

speaking of in bed, listen to what jesse did the other night. haha, i wish this next sentence was going to be as exciting as it seems. we had been watching wipeout all night because nothing was on and i was half comatose. jesse fell asleep and i was still up reading. all of a sudden i hear him growl disparagingly, "pah-thetic." and so i died laughing and tried to engage the unconscious man in conversation by asking what is pathetic, knowing full well that it was just his dream leaking out of his mouth. he goes, "that jump." hahahahaha he was mocking the contestants of wipeout in his sleep. if thats not enough to get him an audition to be on the show himself, i dont know what is. he'd be so adorable faceplanting off of the huge red balls.

and my 2 favorite pictures from last week:

i mean, seriously.

and then i accidentally activated Siri on my phone while lifeguarding the kids in the bathtub. here is what she thought i said:
i think i was telling judah not to open his mouth under water and then who even knows where things went from there. i am encouraged by the fact that Siri just blindly obeys me.


  1. you all fell asleep watching wipeout -- i fell asleep last night watching LIZ LEMON :) that show is brilliance - and so are you. hope you feel all the way better very soon (like now even).

    T. (we have every season of 30rock that we obtained in some illegal fashion)

  2. Happy Leap Day from a fellow 30 Rock fan :) May Leap Day William bring you candy for your tears (or your mucus, as it were). Hoping you caught last week's episode, or I am coming off as insane.

    Get well soon!

  3. Glad you are feeling better...even with that pansy flu you manage to make me LOL. Literally. Just like Wipeout makes me cry-laugh.

  4. I'll totally be your bestie :) I completely know what you mean about everyone being 45 minutes away.
    Hope you feel better soon. I had the flu last year (Influenza A) when the twins were like 6 months old. I remember crawling into the hall at 6am and telling Andrew he couldn't leave for work b/c I was "sooooo sick." It was an awful few days (but, I got a prescription for Tamiflu, so that helped!) I don't know how you are going to work!!

  5. Arrgh. As my best friend labors away in Alaska (still no baby!), I have never been more aware of the fact that all but one of my closest girls live hundreds of miles from me right now. I hope that our move to Atlanta will help ease this situation for the both of us!

  6. In sad further illustration of your point, there are a couple of us Iowa ladies who are your blog stalkers and would love to be some of your besties. You are hill- a- rious and encouraging even several states away. Blessings on you, your house and friend search.