poppy chain giveaway winner

thanks to everyone who entered the poppy chain giveaway. i was positively transported by all of your favorite 90's jams, many of which received favored status in my yellow sony sport walkman.

one of my top 90's songs was "motown philly" by boyz II men. it was the music for my elementary school's jump rope team routine, during which i executed a running jump over my mom's back (she was our PE teacher and coach) into the double dutch that she was twirling. we rocked the retirement home circuit that year. my badassery knows no bounds.

i also enjoyed soul asylum's "runaway train" when i was feeling extra dramatic about life....as a 4th grader. if i had an especially hard run on the oregon trail--say my axle broke, timmy got dysentery, and i sank our wagon while foolhardily trying to ford the river--i might be tempted to belt out, "seems like i should be getting somewhere, somehow i'm neither here nor there."

be my friend.

the oracle of randomocity has decreed that the winner is commenter #27 and that means:

miss emily K wins with her comment of : "I don't really know what my favorite 90's song is because i was born in 1997 :P"

so emily gets the ring AND the award for making a lot of us feel old as gravity. we will all be happy for her though and not disqualify her for being a fetus while the rest of us were rocking out to TLC.

emily, email me with your shipping info, and congrats for real!

and dont forget:

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  1. ohmyword i am dying at this post. and i really don't know why.
    congrats to the (young) winner!

  2. wrong way on a one way track- poetry to my soul. I distinctly remember introducing you to run away train at kevin majeska's birthday pool party