minivans and superplans

we are up to our earballs in minivans. i could tell you pretty much every difference between every late model odyssey, from interior, to features to gas mileage. did i mention i HATE this? its so overwhelming and stressful and there is the constant, "am i getting scammed" thread through it all because, you know, used cars.

i hope to next week have an awesome tale of conquest, ample seating, and fiscal responsibility for you. complete with pictures of us having a dance party in OUR new van. but for now we are still on the hunt and comparing and test driving. actually jesse is doing most of this. i am specializing in being overwhelmed and taking naps throughout the process. hate it.

i have two more nights of menu planning to recap for yall...two VERY successful nights and yummy recipes to pass on.

my separated boards (sides and entrees) are super useful for when i am putting together a menu and deciding what to make, but i have found them annoying when i need to go back to pull them up for cooking. so i made a new board JUST for the recipes i have ahead of me for the night/week/event/whatever. this board will get edited lots and all of the pins will have more permanent homes on the other boards (unless they are yucky) but this will help me have everything i need in one place. (i tried to make this board private so it wont annoy followers with seeing my same pins again and again, but pinterest discontinued the private board feature as far as i can tell)

right now, i have our superbowl yum yums on the board for tomorrow. we are kind of boring (or perhaps you call it unpopular) we love to watch the game at home, by ourselves, and pig out on adventurous new foods. nutrition optional.

we've got avocado fries, almond parm dip, and buffalo chicken sammies on the agenda.

if my heart tells me anything, its that these are going to make it less functional, but it will be worth it. won't you join me?

to calories, athletic men in tight pants and built-in DVD players!


  1. That buffalo chicken grilled cheese looks tasty beyond anything I have ever seen. We will also be watching the game at home too, and since nobody here has any domestic ambitiousness, we will be eating Oreos and frozen pizza. Finally, an excuse for oreos!

  2. please blog about the buffalo chicken sandwiches by tomorrow morning at the latest... they look amazing and I'm at a rare point in a woman's life where she can eat 5 of them without shame